Timberlake As The ‘New King Of Pop’? No Way It’s Justified

Renee Graham of the Boston Globe weighed in on the recent Rolling Stone feature on *NSYNC star labeling him the “new King of Pop.” Graham says, “Sure, Timberlake now has two Grammys, and there’s still an impression the award instantly bestows artistic validation. But a few shiny trinkets does not an artist make; remember, the tedious Evanescence also won a Grammy at last week’s ceremony. So far, Timberlake’s greatest talent has been distancing himself from his original incarnation as a blonde-haired dancing marionette in *NSYNC by mimicking the R&B icons he so slavishly admires.” He added, “Timberlake can sing, but his voice lacks any genuine depth or emotion. He’s a hard-working performer, but he’s also like the smartest kid in the class who mostly succeeds by memorizing his lessons without having any real concept as to what it all means.” Read more.

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