Timberlake Edges Aguilera As A Pop Makeover

Lisa Rose of The Newark Star-Ledger was on hand at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford on Wednesday where the Justified and Stripped tour rolled in. Rose said of the performance by Christina Aguilera: “There’s no arguing Aguilera’s vocal talent, but her material is so rife with mediocrity that one longs for the distraction of a Spears-esque bungee jump or FX downpour.” As for star Justin Timberlake’s performance, she says, “Even if he was overpowered by his band at times, Timberlake is an engaging performer with a handful of killer tunes. He proved that he’s got the chops to outlive teen pop.”

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9 thoughts on “Timberlake Edges Aguilera As A Pop Makeover

  1. babet says:

    I think they BOTH have a good chance at a long term career……… Britney’s BS is already up. all she needs now is just a few more rumors and gossip to keep her in the spotlight. that sh!ts not gonna last forever if you got no MUSICAL talent to back you up. Mariah….. Celine…….all still have careers because they have the voice. Madonna’s still going strong because she’s a SMART women who knows how to make good fun controversy…. Justin sings live and dances and is a good songwriter with good stage presence…..Christina is an excellent songwriter, singer, and a good dancer too (if she did more of it) and she can demand the stage with JUST her magnificent voice. they’ve got credibility….. Britney’s just another prop on stage. her back up dancers and the outfits and the stage designs and gadgets are the main focus of HER concerts.

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Britney’s mentioned again. Not surprised, since her name alone will attract readers! Woo!

  3. Tig says:

    Ok, let’s be real, Britney is cute, but just like J Lo, Mya, Britney, Jessica Simpson and the other Bimbo’s…they can’t sing. They are strippers at best…Christina Aguilera is a vocalist, a singer, a song stylist, when it’s all said and done, She will be the only one left standing, That voice is a gift…Trust me, when all the other air-heads, have played out with the great production and dancing to hide their lack of vocal skills…..Christina will still be a Grammy Award Winning Singer’

  4. DiVa4LiFe says:

    I was there and I thought the total opposite, as much as I love Justin, I thought Christina, put on an incredible show vocally, and Justin he’s a great dancer, but your so used to seeing that you just wanted more, and you could barely here him over the music, and it seemed like he was trying hard to impress and hit notes, to where as Christina just did it naturally, she just flowed, and was very personable with the crowd, Justin at one point did talk to the crowd, but Christina had a constant connection.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Christina has at least TWO Grammy awards under her belt….the one for “Lady Marmalade” and then “Best New Artist”…and there’s only more to come her way!! I’ve seen Christina live, and she puts on a HELL of a lot better a show then Britney!!! Chris sings, she dances (better than anyone wants to give her credit for seeing how that’s BRITNEY’S department), she’s personable with the crowd…..she’s AMAZING! After seeing her, and yes, it was on her 2000 tour, I gained a whole new respect for her! I adore her!

  6. jimmypee says:

    what a bad reviewer. “one longs for a bungee jump”?? was she even there to listen to music, or would she rather go to a circus? and her material has been getting critical acclaim from everyone….so its hardly “mediocre” what a *****ing idiot. complaining that the music was focused on too much, and there should have been less of it? moron

  7. tena says:

    Well, one of the reviews before this was not so favorable, and even the good ones mainly praise her vocal technique as opposed to her material which is mediocre. and what she said was that if Christina was going to have an elaborate stage set-up that she should interact more with her audience. If it was just about the music for Christina then why does she have all these clothing changes, videos, pyros, etc? Just get on stage and sing. The insinuation is that the music is dull and it needs all those “things” to get the audience attention.

    Actually I read some reviews of Madonnas early albums and she got praised for her music. So, it is more than just her controversy. And Britney had a few entries in the Guinness book, not for any particular music skill, but, for rapid sales and one or two other things. So, as much as people down her, she has something that might indicate longevity. And lets look at others who don’t have multi-octave, loud voices-Janet Jackson, Cher, they are still around, probably because of their entertainer quality.

    Well that just goes to show how limited your opinion is, just because ca has a better or stronger voice doesn’t make her more intelligent or the others airheads. And with the exception of J.Lo those ladies do have singing skills. And when it was all said and done Madonna proved you don’t need to sing like Aretha franklin to express yourself through singing. And to quote the most intelligent thing I read by Paula Abdul, is that if we stuck to a limited view of singing talent, a great songwriter like Bob Dylan would never have had a chance.

  8. babet says:

    But they actually sing live…….big difference there. and Janet Jackson is the one who made all that dancing popular…not the kind her brother does….but normal hip hop dance. Cher has a nice voice and always puts on an awesome show. and yes Madonna has great music, but the kind of controversy she puts out is way better then Britney’s romps with male celebs.

  9. Aseari says:

    How dare you say Jessica Simpson has no vocal talent? When it comes to power, strength, and control, Jessica by far blows Christina away. Whenever Christina starts reaching the louder notes, she starts screaming, growling, and throwing in runs. She never sounds completely on key with her lower registers. Jessica can glide through these notes beautifully- as a singer she is highly underestimated and Christina is highly over-rated. Christina has poor control. Her runs are horrible and she doesn’t have the strength to maintain her louder notes. I will grant her great potential, but Christina needs a good vocal coach. I mean, come one, Mariah Carey even called Jessica her “mini-me” and Mariah’s vocal technique is everything Christina is imitating. You cannot deny that without being an ignorant airhead yourself. Christina has got the versatility and Jessica has the strength and control. Now, how dare you be hypocritical? Christina is a bimbo herself. Her lyrics on her knew album are consistently denying her to be a slut yet she can have sex with someone out of pure bodily pleasure, so she can get “mine you get yours”. I mean, read the words to “Can’t Hold Us Down.” Process them. They basically say “Yes, I sleep around, but you cannot call me a slut for I, as a woman, am tired of society’s double standards.” So Christina apparently exemplifies the definition of a slag, but she just won’t wear the title because she believes it’s sexist. She isn’t helping her reputation. The entire lyrical composition of that song is really humorous, but it’s sad that she is that self-absorbed and immature and that she truly believes she is liberating women. “Are you offended with the message I’m bringing?” No Christina, I am disappointed in your self-involvedness and the humor I find in the words that you have to say.

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