Timberlake Goes Snowboarding In Scotland Sans Girlfriend

star is back in Scotland for his Justified World tour. Last time he was in Scotland was for the MTV European Music Awards was when he claimed how “great” the place and its people are. The Courier reports a sighting of Timberlake snowboarding on January 14 at Ben Nevis, SANS girlfriend Cameron Diaz. The Courier also reports that Justin was seen with two males and another female. It is assumable that one of the males was Justin’s childhood friend- turned assistant, Trace Ayala, and the female could possibly be Trace’s girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert (of TV’s ’24’). The article also mentions that children fans at skiing lessons spotted Timberlake, and he happily obliged to give his autograph.

The story at thecourier.co.uk has since been removed.

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