Timberlake Wants To Avoid Britney ‘Circus’ With Staci

More details on Justin Timberlake’s romance with ‘Rock Your Body’ dance partner Staci Flood is in Us Weekly. A source tells the mag the *NSYNC star “told Staci that everything with Britney turned into a circus and that he doesn’t want the same thing to ruin things with them.” A rep for Timberlake confirmed the pair have been dating for weeks, explaining, “My boy is a busy guy.”

Timberlake And Aguilera’s Pets To Be On MTV Cribs

May 16, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: Tour mates Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera will be on ‘MTV Cribs: How to Live like A Celebrity Pet’. In this episode MTV will show how the pets of Justin and Christina live. Other artists include Ozzy Osbourne and Pink. this episode airs next Monday.

Justin Timberlake Signs Fans Autographs

May 16, 2003 – Contributed by nellysgirl: In London, Justin was seen signing some fans autographs when coming out of his hotel on his way to the Wembley Arena on Thursday (May 15).

Justin Timberlake’s Big Bash Ends With Photographers Bashed

May 16, 2003 – The London Evening Standard reports Justin hit the town after his Wembley Arena concert last night, where his entourage got involved in four dust-ups, primarily involving photographers. A witness at the Click club commented, “Justin’s crew were incredibly heavyhanded. They were manhandling fans, photographers and other clubbers.” By early morning, Timberlake arrived at the Marylebone’s Landmark Hotel with three young ladies – who he had just picked up in his Range Rover – on his arm. Staci who?

Justin Timberlake Spends Big On New Love

May 16, 2003 – WENN reports Justin was spotted shopping in London’s Gucci store for treats for his new girlfriend Staci Flood and was not shy about spending big bucks. A source revealed, “Justin was shopping like there was no tomorrow, and judging by all the sexy gifts he was buying, it was all for the new lady in his life. And money was clearly no object. He was buying anything from sexy lingerie to expensive jewellery.”

Justin Timberlake Throws A Big Bash

May 15, 2003 – Only 200 guests were invited to the pricey bash thrown by Justin in London Thursday night, and Radio 1 reports he’s apparently ordered a thousand bottles of Dom Perignon and Cristal, or five bottles of champagne a head. Only big names are invited, including Madonna and Guy Ritchie, former Spice Girl and hubby David, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and galpal Gwyneth Paltrow, and Minnie Driver and Matt Perry have all been asked to go.

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