Time Magazine Editor Comments On Timberlake’s Obstacles

Christopher John Farley, senior editor of Time magazine was a guest on the MSNBC newsmagazine show ‘Deborah Norville Tonight’ on Monday (March 1), where the topic of discussion turned to singers jumping head-first into acting. When star was mentioned, Farley offered his opinion on Justin’s move, saying, “This is not the Mickey Mouse Club. He’s going to be working with some highly established actors who can own and command a scene with little to no effort at all. I don’t think Justin Timberlake can even attempt to rise to their level. How on earth is he going to lead this movie?” Farley added, “He deserves the benefit of the doubt, but it would’ve been a better idea for him to work his way up the ladder by starting out small, doing some independent films. You just can’t jump into things, it’s not smart.” When Deborah brought up the Superbowl and asked if the denial of responsibility hurt his career, Farley said, “The number of people upset with Justin Timberlake is very overwhelming. They feel as though Janet took the entire fall and Justin got off scott free. But Justin is still a little immature. He’s young and he’s got a lot to learn about the business – what works and what doesn’t. was probably completely prepared for the response and with her experience, handling it the way she did was second nature.”

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