Tired Of Cameron Diaz

Contributed by schizo76:

I might be alone in believing this, but everything I hear about and Cameron Diaz is all jealous crap. She seems to be very jealous of things he does, and she loves to be controlling. Anytime you hear about a fight, that Justin and Cameron are having, its so dumb, mostly started BY MISS DIAZ. The thing about the “mama’s boy” and “getting rid of his trucks because they eat gas”, come off it Cam! I’ve become disgusted with their relationship, and I believe if Justin does what is best for him, he will move on! I hate to put Justin down being that I have a ton of respect for the star, but this is one of those things that needs to be addressed. I am hearing rumors about marriage and garbage like that, I can’t see him getting married to someone so controlling. He has a mom for that. I don’t believe the rumors anyway, and I wont until I see them married, or HE actually says, where I can hear or SEE him say he is getting married.

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9 thoughts on “Tired Of Cameron Diaz

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Justin will never get married. Well, not until they lift the gay marriage ban in the US.

  2. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I sort of agree with you, I don’t really believe the rumors about the mommas boy and all that stuff, but I do think that she brings this vibe to him when they are together and he doesn’t look all that happy, you know flicking off cameras and so on, when he was with Britney or even Alyssa Milano he was more cheerful…I don’t know I just don’t really see what keeps the two together…. personally I think he’s just having fun with her, I think he likes someone to be there but I also think that he may like is alone time and flirt with other girls cause he makes comments and faces for other females so I don’t really think its anything serious for marriage crap he was with Britney forever and they sure didn’t get married, I would slap him and I think Britney would too, she would be pissed off I know for a fact that she would, hell who wouldn’t… if your ex-boyfriend from 3+ years and he goes and marries someone from a few months I would go off, but yet the woman gets on my nerves and I heard from my dad that she gets around the block he should know cause he is friends with many celebrities that know her so….I doubt its anything serious, well then again who knows

  3. justincaseyestwo says:

    Well, if they DO get married then Cameron finally hooked the fool. I agree with you. She does seem very controlling. Have you also noticed how she has managed to keep him completely out of the spotlight? I understand having privacy but, c’mon people, Justin Timberlake? The man revels in it and why not, he is ONLY 22 and very successful and is at the top of his career. Why would he dump it now knowing how short-lived something like this is? Also, it seems Ms. Diaz is a serial hip attachment. This is a quote: Back and hitting the singles scene again after her recent split with long-time love Jared Leto, is Charlie’s Angel Cameron Diaz. She’s said to be dating the none-too-hard-on-the-eyes ‘Psycho Star’, Vince Vaughn. These two Tinseltowners met …….. courtesy of the MTV Movie Awards. (What is it with her and awards shows???) The two were both doing prerecorded spots for the.

    Continued: Diaz and Vaughn have reportedly been “GLUED AT THE HIP” (does this sound familiar???) ever since,….. “Cameron and Vince were together…….. Seems Cammie isn’t going to be joining all the sad-to-be-single movie stars in Lala land at the moment. entertainment.iafrica.com/gossip/240707.htm So seems JnChrisFan1 is right – guess she does get around the block.

  4. imlovinit says:

    Personally I think that Justin and Cameron is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Rumors fly about the two, and the magazines fly off the shelves. I mean, if they were really as “lovey-dovey” as everyone claims they are, why is it that she’s never with him at an award show or anything like that? Yeah, they’re at after parties and stuff, but I think it’s all fake. Especially judging by the look on his face in most of the pictures I’ve seen of the two of them. He looks like he can’t wait for someone to just kill him and shake her off of him. She hangs on him everywhere they go, and she seems to be enjoying their time together a lot more than he does. But hey, it’s just an opinion.

  5. justincaseyestwo says:

    Well, Britney is out of the picture and she has no say or any right to an opinion at this point. BUT your point is made. IF Cameron and Justin were going to have a long-term relationship then they are still in the “lust phase”. This is NO time to be making commitment decisions. This phase ALWAYS wears off and then what??? That’s when the eyes open and you see each other without blinders on. Geez, I can’t believe his family and so-called friends aren’t saying something or are they all just as blind. I’m not saying it can’t happen. I’m just saying that they NEED to get to know each other better. Forget about all of Cameron’s short-term “relationships????”. All of her long-term relationships started just as intense. She moved in with ALL of them and they ALL ended after about the same amount of time. Her record alone speaks for itself. He’s too young to have a record. He is still working on his youth. She KNOWS that if she doesn’t get him to the altar fast then she probably never will. Where the hell is Jared Leto when he is needed?

  6. senoritax0 says:

    I don’t think they’re going to be married what-so-ever. First off. Britney & Justin broke up partially because she wanted marriage and he didn’t want that at the time. As well as the whole cheating situation. But if he has known Britney for how long? since they were like 12 and doesn’t want to marry her what on earth makes you think he’d wanna marry Cameron after only knowing her for this short period of time. makes no sense to me. personally I think its a publicity stunt for him to stay in the spotlight. because as you can tell NO ONE talks about Justified anymore do they? So that’s his goal to staying there till he takes his break … Once he’s done he’ll take his break and you wont hear a thing about him for a while .. Just watch.

  7. christinacopp says:

    I’m really glad that someone mentioned that….Justin and Cameron are both gay I think, and using their “relationship” to stay in the straight spotlight…think about it…Barely any guys bought any Nsync CD’s, but a lot I know were into “Justified”…they were like “Yeah he’s cool by himself”….but we know Justin is gay with Pharrell, and if that came out, nobody but “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” boys would by it…as for Cameron, she swings with Drew and Lucy, and she’s afraid of only lesbian (think Wild Thing) parts, so she won’t come out so she’ll get other terrible parts….LOL

  8. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    I for one am tired of Cameron Diaz and Justin ain’t getting married anytime soon so Cameron can forget that. I think she just in it for the money

  9. popnicklover says:

    Oh, come you people! This is totally a publicity stunt…but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it were partly Justin’s idea cause he just LOVES being in the spotlight…look what he did to his relationship with Britney! You seriously think he is totally innocent in all of this?! That’s complete bull. The guy is not innocent at all…I don’t feel sorry for him. After all, he like revealed his sex life with Britney on the radio just so he could get his dumb song played! How “innocent” is that?! And I doubt it is really “MISS DIAZ” (in your terms) who starts all the arguments. And yes, Justin IS a frigging “mommy’s boy”…why can’t anyone see it? It’s about time he grew up and got over his mommy, in my opinion. Cameron has a right to be furious about that. Just don’t blame it all on Cameron–I feel bad for her that she has such awful taste in men.

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