Tito Jackson Says Michael Is His Kids’ Biological Dad

Michael Jackson’s brother Tito is speaking out about whether the late King of Pop is the biological father of his three children. “They are all his children,” Tito insisted to The Mirror. “Blanket is Michael’s, I can tell. Those eyes don’t lie. Them eyes are Michael over again. I see a lot of Michael in him.”

As for those who question if Michael’s their biological dad based on skin color, Tito told the British tabloid, “Paris and are Michael’s children. Yes they are. Just because they look white doesn’t mean they are not his. I have an uncle who is married to a white girl and they have three kids. Two of them are white and one is black.”

Hair Fire Led To Believe Pain Meds Were OK

July 17, 2009 – Video obtained by US Weekly shows a detailed look at the 1984 pyrotechnics accident that burned Michael’s scalp. ‘The Early Show’ correspondent Hattie Kauffman reported on the video release, talking with Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli about how the incident led the pop star to decide it was okay and necessary to take pain medication.

Then, ‘Early Show’ co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez spoke with ‘Unmasked’ author Ian Halperin about Jackson’s drug addiction and his conclusion that the singer wasn’t a child molestor but simply someone who was a victim of extortion attempts and people trying to bring him down. Halperin added that he’s confident of another Jackson will emerging to challenge the 2002 document. Watch the segment, aired Thursday (July 16), below the cut.

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11 thoughts on “Tito Jackson Says Michael Is His Kids’ Biological Dad

  1. amber says:

    I am bi-racial. most of my friends are interracial couples and their kids are bi-racial. skin tone has nothing to do with whether or not you are mixed. mixed kids can range from black as night to pasty, pale white. Our hair can be kinky and curly or bone straight and can range from black to brown to yes even blond. It just depends on what you are mixed with and how much of which parent you get. I am black and white but look middle eastern or Indian. my son is black and white and looks 1000% white. who knows what his kids will look like, even if they are not mixed.
    As for whether or not MJ is the father of his kids. I love MJ to death and am extremely tormented by his death, and I do not want to hurt him or his kids or family in anyway, but I have followed his life and career closely and he has said that he did not father children because he did not want to pass on his lupus and vitiligo. MJ loved kids too much to have to worry about passing on potentially crippling (socially and physically) or fatal (lots of people who have lupus die. I know some people personally. who have vitiligo too) conditions. I do believe his kids are the result of surrogates, but with that being said, MJ is 1000000% their father. The person who loves you and raises you and is there for you 24/7 365 is your parent. Genetics and biology do NOT make you a parent. Look at all the dead beat dads and moms and all the parents who harm or kill their children, for which they are biologically connected too. MJ is DEFINITELY the dad of all his kids and people just need to let this issue rest. I think if and when the children want to know then they can find out, and if they choose to tell us then we will know. Otherwise, it is none of our business and it has no baring what so ever on who MJ was and who his children are and will be as they grow and continue their lives without him in the future.

  2. Samantha says:

    These children are Michael’s children, he has obviously been a wonderful father and I think it’s disgusting that there are people in the world that say such cruel things. They really don’t seem to care how it could affect his children having to listen to all of this rubbish. Michael is there Dad and people should find better things to do with their time and leave his children and him alone he’s not here anymore and his children have lost someone very very precious.

  3. Missy says:

    MJ is the biological dad to those children! It has been confirmed that Prince does have vitiligo! The same skin disease MJ had (it is an inherited disease and it runs on Joe’s side) Plus those children look just like him the shape of their eyes,nose,mouth,chins and their small bone structure!! MJ is their bio-dad!

  4. Astris says:

    They are his alright. The kids look like Katherine, MJ and other members of the family. Particularly, their cousins.

  5. Astris says:

    Their his alright. I think it’s a disgrace that the man had to be questioned in that area also. Mixed kids come in all colors, etc.

  6. hope says:

    I can’t believe that anyone really believes the kids have any black blood running in their veins. those children are white… MJ skin patches are a result of bleaching his skin, which always cause patches at first until the desired tone is visual. this lupus, vitiligo is all in MJ mind, I think he convinced himself he had it.. Shame he hated his blackness he was a gorgeous looking black man who turned into an ugly white freak.. No I don’t hate MJ, this is just plain facts.. Shame we are conditioned to believe only white is beautiful.. This is far from the truth.

  7. lee says:

    I think the children actually identify themselves as bio racial. and that’s what is important, how they feel… Now leave the Jackson’s alone, move along….

  8. Astris says:

    I believed they were his from day 1. I am also mixed and have people in the family that look completely white. And some that do not. What does it matter? If you love someone, skin color takes a back seat.

  9. Jazmin says:

    I think that those kids are his. I was looking at pictures of Michael when he was like 12 and Prince Jr. and they look kinda the same and that skin tone of his kids don’t matter and I’m very tired of hearing those aren’t his kids before he died that’s all y’all talk about and now that hes gone that’s all y’all still talk about you really need to get a life I mean those are his kids and until the day they die they will be his kids now leave them alone they have gone through enough they don’t need your input about who their dad is well now was because Michael Joseph Jackson is the kids bio dad so would you hope off of him now and let the man rest in peace.

  10. kyra says:

    Those kids are MJ’s can’t you tell look at their faces they all look like him and blanket looks like him the Jackson 5 duh

  11. marsha taylor says:

    I don’t know what pictures some of you are looking at but Paris and Prince I don’t look NOTHING like Michael. The only one that I think could be his is Blanket – look at pics when michael was with the Jackson 5 – they look alike. But they are all his kids legally.

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