TJ Fantini’s Letter To Fans

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TJ Fantini, the former Mouseketeer, has posted a letter on his official site , talking about his coming-up debut album:

I know, I know I’m horrible. I haven’t been online chatting or posting in a long time. Well, don’t think that you guys are the only ones that miss those chats and posts. I miss them too. But don’t worry all that is about to change. I’m back, I brought the FUNK, and neither is going anywhere for a long time.

So I guess I should just jump right in and let everyone know what’s up. I know there has been a lot of confusion as to what’s been going on with this album so let’s clear all that up right away.

By now everyone in this club knows that I have an album, that’s not what the confusion is over. I know that over the past 6 months you’ve all heard different release dates, well I can tell you officially now that the album will be released on Tuesday November 26th, 2002. THAT is the official release date. We will be accepting pre sale orders one month prior to the release date.

No one knows better then me how long it has taken to get this album finished. You guys have been patient and waiting for a long time now. Please understand that the reason this album has taken as long is because it’s being done independently. There is no major label providing any kind of funding or backing for this project. Please know that my number 1 priority with this album is to give you guys something that you like. This album was made with the fans in mind. I am a perfectionist; I want to be sure that this album is the best that it can be before it is released. I know there have been delays, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that the album will not be delayed any longer and it will be out on the 26th of November. We are also in the process of putting together a live show so that as soon as the record comes out we can begin to do a small tour. I don’t have lots of details about it at this time, but I can tell you that a tour is in the works.

Now as far as the release party. Since the album has been delayed obviously the release party has been delayed as well. I want to make sure that everyone who wants to go will have an opportunity to. SO we are re working the release party so that we can accommodate as many people as possible. At this time I cannot release a lot of details about it but I promise that as it becomes more concrete you guys will be the first to know. That goes for contests and everything. Know that my first priority is to make you guys happy so you will know everything as soon as it’s for sure.

Obviously I’ve been kept really busy and haven’t had time to be in contact with the club as much as I have wanted to. So I’ve hired someone to help keep everyone in the loop as to what’s going on at times when I cannot post. Aimee Sanders works for my company Funky White Boy Entertainment. She is in the know. Anything posted from Aimee you can be sure is correct. I know there has been confusion about this in the past but we have everything worked out now and Aimee will be provided with the RIGHT information. Don’t think this means I’m not gonna post anymore, cause its far from it. This is just so that Aimee can give you guys an update every couple of days. I will still be coming in once a week to make a post and I want to work something out so that we can do a monthly chat.

Now I know you guys were promised a while ago that you would be getting new pictures for the yahoo club. I owe you guys a big apology on this one. I have no excuse I totally flaked on it. But I am going to remedy this situation. By the end of the month I will have new pictures posted in the yahoo club. I’m sorry it’s taken so long but its not easy being the artist and the record label, it makes for a lot more work!

Finally I want to tell you about my official site that is up now. That is the official site. Members of my team run the site, so they have the most up to date current information. If anything new is happening, they will have it. I am also going to be doing a weekly journal that will be posted. This site is really cool. It will be the hub of all our operations for this album. Check it out and lets get the message board on there active. On the message board there is an ask TJ section. I know that even after reading this post you guys are going to have a lot of questions. Well if you post your question on the board I will answer them. Obviously questions relating to this project will get priority but I’ll answer as many questions as I can.

Okay well I think that brings us all up to date so far. I’m gonna leave it at that. I’ll tell you this, I know you guys are gonna love this album. I can sit here with all confidence and say that. I can’t wait for it to be out and to hear what you guys think. All right so I’ll talk to you guys soon and remember if you have any questions go to and post em up.

Stay Funky,
TJ Fantini
The Funky White Boy

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