TMZ’s Harvey Levin Talks Britney Spears With ‘Good Day LA’

TMZ’s Harvey Levin visited ‘Good Day LA’ on Monday (January 7) for more details on the reportedly unwanted visit that Dr. Phil McGraw paid to while she was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Saturday, just as the troubled pop tart was being released following a 36-hour lockdown.

“Let me just say something, because I don’t want to act high and mighty here at all,” Levin said regarding his criticism of the talk show host. “You know, we’re part of the problem here at TMZ, in a way. Look, we made a living off of Britney Spears, and we did it frankly when she was just fun and wacky. For several years now, we’ve put her on the site everyday, she’s been great for traffic, so I’m not trying to act like, ‘Oh, how dare people cover Britney Spears’, because we’ve done it. Have we crossed the line, I don’t know. My feeling about it is it all changed when it stopped being funny and we started realizing she’s got a bipolar problem.”

As for her paparazzo fling Adnan Ghalib, Levin said, “All I can say is we’ve gotten calls already about what he might be alble to tell, so you read between the lines on that. He is not the best person for her to be with right now.”

But on an encouraging note, Levin added, “I can tell you we just put this up on the site that there are people in her life now, responsible people, that are trying to get herself to a mental hospital. She is resisting that right now. But, Britney is acting coherently, she is lucid on the surface, so it’s very deceptive, this disease. When you listen to her, at least right now, I’m told that she’s following the argument, she’s tracking the argument, she’s just rejecting it. She doesn’t think she needs it, but people are desperately trying to get her in there. One of the ways they’re trying to get her in there is tell her, ‘Look, you will never get your kids back unless you do this.'”

The video at has since been removed.

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