To Each Their Own

Contributed anonymously:

Unless you have been living under a rock or don’t check this site out a lot, main headlines about or being better than the other have infiltrated.

Back when this site started, it was about celebrity gossip and news. There was never an essay-writing contest. There are people out there who may have preferences to Christina or Britney, but nobody here really wants to hear a 9000 word essay about who’s the better one. We want the gossip. Not your opinion. Your opinion is welcomed in the comments section however.

Sure, I may be contradicting myself by posting this essay about why people shouldn’t post essays, but this is to ALERT and INFORM the “anonymous” people that nobody gives a damn (Notice how at one point essays had 100+ comments now have less than 30). Besides, does it really matter who’s better?

So stop your lame essays and let’s get back to what this site was really about: gossip. The gossip’s being pushed down by those pointless essays that reiterate points over and over again (i.e. Britney is a slut. Christina has the better voice. OR Britney has the better sales. Christina flopped. WHATEVER.). And to everyone: To each, their own.

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