To The Christina Aguilera Fans It May Concern

Contributed by WaneInTheZone:

fans tend to remind me of school yard bullies, Actually their more like a virus. They tend to consume popdirt’s boards saying really vulgar and nasty things about different artist, particularly Britney Spears. They get to be so combative and aggressive when it comes to Christina that they tend to look more like a cult then a fan base. Then their is the endless submissions by the fans which usually have the intent of praising Christina by any means necessary, Even if that means saying nasty things about more successful artist. Christina’s talents (which is questionable to me whether she has any, besides taking her clothes off) can only get her so far in this business and image is everything. Christina has given up her dignity for the sake of selling records, But will that be enough to save her career? ‘Stripped’ (Sophomore Album) has sold 3 million copies, Which would be a lot for a new artist, but it isn’t anything for a self-proclaimed ‘diva’. Britney’s sophomore album ‘Oops I did It again’ sold over 8 million. Britney’s 3rd record sold around 4 million, Obviously a decline. Britney’s popularity might very well might be fading, But Christina’s is fading at a more rapid pace. By the time her next record is released it’ll either be a greatest hits collection, or she’ll be doing full frontal nudity in Penthouse magazine in support of a ‘comeback album’ which will go unnoticed and end up in the bargain bin next to ‘Just Whitney’. If you prefer Christina, That’s all good, but don’t attack Britney for the simple fact she has the popularity and fame that you believe Christina deserves. Believe it or not, this isn’t a article meant to support Britney and put down Christina, I’m just being realistic.

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10 thoughts on “To The Christina Aguilera Fans It May Concern

  1. mikemc says:

    I think there is something that people fail to realize about the record industry. Back in the 90’s and even the early 2000’s, selling records was easy because there was NO other way to have your music heard, besides radio. But now, the music industry is in a HUGE slump with sales of ALL artists, NO ONE sells they way they used too. Yeah, Christina’s album only sold 3 million copies, but you have to look at the times were in. I’m sure the “dirty” image she put out there turned some people off to her, but the main reason she isn’t selling that much anymore is because of online downloading. Think about it, she has had 4 pretty successful radio songs: “Dirrty” (did decent on radio) “Beautiful” (was a HUGE song) “Fighter” (did okay) “Can’t Hold Us Down” (did okay) If this were back in the 90’s you better believe she would have sold at least 5 million copies of her album, it’s just a different time. The same is gonna happen with Britney when she comes out, she’s gonna sell well in the beginning, but eventually those sales are gonna lag, and she’ll most likely sell 3 million copies of “In the Zone”. Look at Beyonce, she’s had the 2 BIGGEST songs of the year with “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy”, and yet her album is only double platinum which is very good, but you better believe if this was a few years ago she would have a 4X platinum album by now.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    WHO REALLY CARES! I am sorry, but seriously, all these “theories” and “predictions” of Brit and Xtina’s career’s “flopping” and “fading” is starting to just get ridiculous and kinda old. I respect many of these essays and such being realistic about their views on Christina and Britney, but when is it ever gonna stop? Nobody can predict the future of any of their careers based on album sales decreasing and such…THEY CAN ALWAYS BOUNCE BACK WITH SOMETHING BETTER! And it’s unfair to always compare Brit and Christina based on album sales as well…that can vary depending on how hot they are at the moment, how interested people are in actually buying the album on the first day or after the first year of its release, etc. etc. Nothing can bring BOTH of them down. End of story.

  3. amusicfanofsoul says:

    Who cares how much they sold. Christina is a better singer and will always be a better singer than Britney…i know you know it! because you don’t want to admit it. and Christina isn’t the only one who sheds her clothes. who’s attacking Britney? I think it’s you fans attacking Christina. who cares what you must feel threatened if you go off and post dumbass childish high school drama essays.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    ^^I agree that record sales have gone down, and that’s why the both have sold less than their previous albums. However, I still think Britney will outsell Christina’s “Stripped” for the simple reason that Britney has a bigger fan base. Even “Britney,” which only came out two years ago, sold 4 million, and it had no big radio hits. As for the original post, I agree to some degree. I DO think Christina is talented, as I do Britney. But the line I really wanted to focus on is: “If you prefer Christina, That’s all good, but don’t attack Britney for the simple fact she has the popularity and fame that you believe Christina deserves” I think that is dead on. These haters attack Britney because she is on top, and its really stupid. I don’t see why the can’t like Christina and NOT hate Britney, but I guess that’s where the jealousy comes in. They say they don’t care about Britney, but every time a Britney topic comes out, its get 4, 5 times the amount of responses that Christina topics get. For being Christina fans, they sure focus on Britney a lot. And this isn’t a put down for Christina, its a put down to her ridiculous fans on this site that give a bad name to her other, more mature fans.

  5. sk8erchic12 says:

    Admit! can’t you see? Britney is taking the same way, and if Christina’s talent is take her clothes off, remember that Britney is doing the same, but there’s one difference, Christina has voice and is talented. Britney has also a good voice but imagine she singing Etta James or something like this! hilarious.

  6. JnChrisFan1 says:

    How dare you try and put down Christina fans and her, I can’t believe you even said her talent is questionable, she is an amazing singer. I think you can’t just get over the whole Dirrty phase, how long ago was that she has toned it down a couple of notch’s. Well then I question Britney she’s taking her clothes off more and more, she really has no talent and except dancing. You sound like a hardcore Britney fan, please Britney won’t be around that long to tell you the truth, Christina may not be selling that much but she is more respected by her voice…. people just want to see Britney dance around with her cute figure. The point is what you wrote is not even realistic its just your opinion you can’t even predict who is gonna stay longer and who isn’t, you just want to state how great Britney is and how Christina isn’t in your small mind, personally I like them both Christina more, but don’t even try to say how Christina fans are just mean and brutal when Britney fans are the same cause you basically turned it around making you look like more of of a brutal Britney fan. Swallow your words honey.

  7. Jaggie says:

    I believe that Britney is wildly popular for now, but Christina has staying power. She is the one with the powerful voice and the songwriting skills. She might not be as pretty or as talented a dancer as Britney, but what will matter in 15 years? The voice, because that’s what remains intact for the longest. When it comes down to it, I would place my bet on Christina to have long lasting career in the music industry.

  8. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with your comment, but don’t Britney fans act the same when it comes to Xtina? Christina has amazing vocal talent and an intellectual mind that has barely shone from Britney (musically), and they always put her down by making excuses about how lame she is because she doesn’t dance like Britney and dresses provocatively (which is no different than Britney’s provocative dressing sometimes). It’s all vice versa. Britney fans aren’t any different with behavior than Christina fans. It’s unfair to just point at rude Christina fans for being ridiculous, pretty much everyone ( including Brit and Christina fans)on this site sometimes are…which makes it just straight up real and interesting.

  9. soar says:

    WaneInTheZone, you are so hypocritical. You are doing the EXACT same thing that you accuse others of doing. Christina is talented, she can sing, she has plenty of fans, and she has sold more than 3 million CD’s. She has won Grammys, she has worked with talented people, and critics and other celebrities have praised her talent. She is loved by many. It is not about who sells the most albums, because not everyone will be on top all of the time. That’s life. Britney’s music appeals to kids more than Chrsitina’s music does, and that is a big reason why she has more of a fan base. You are the one who has the problem. Christina is living her life, seeing the world, and making money, and you are whining on a message board. You act as if Christina Aguilera is the only woman who has ever taken her clothes off. Well, you must be blind, because without naming any names, some other female celebrities have certainly been taking their clothes off lately too. No matter what, Christina and Britney are a heck of a lot better than you will ever be, because they don’t have to go around putting other people down to compensate for the shortcomings in their lives. I bet that Britney would not be proud to have someone like you as a fan.

  10. looker says:

    Wane in the Zone kiss my virus ass,,, first did you with your obviously limited intelligence (after all you do like Britney) ever think that maybe Christina fans are so fanatic is because she is a great artist. As far as knocking Britney goes,,,well let’s face it there are just so many reasons to hate the whore. I am so sick and tired of Britney’s fans skirting their way around the obvious truth. Instead of knocking Christina fans why don’t you confront the issue that we keep throwing in your face,,, that Britney couldn’t sing to save her life. I am so sick of you Brit fan’s tired ass excuses like,,, Britney has a unique voice (you should say weak) or maybe this one……I like Britney for more than her voice isn’t everything (um the bitch is a singer)…….Britney’s music makes me dance (You don’t need a good voice to make crappy dance music) and my favorite…..Britney sings ballads so well (yeah she screeches them out like a sodomized Banshee)… I am sorry if this offend you WaneIntheZone but it is so true and that is one of the main reason why Christina fans hate Britney and her fans because we are constantly confronted by her total and blatant lack of talent.

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