Toby Lightman Is Frustrated With The “Man”

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tobylightman) on Wednesday (March 25), upset about the business side of music. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Well as we all know, we have our good days and our bad ones. This isn’t particularly a bad day, but I am going to use this blog (for the very first time) to vent! I have been writing my butt off and having a great time doing it. From to getting songs on Brothers and Sisters.. I have a new song coming out in the new movie ’17 Again’ that comes out next month. (I’ll post the song:) so things are going well post-label:)

Recently, my friend Jeff Probst asked to use a song that I had for his new reality show. He hosts ‘Survivor’, for those who don’t know. Anyway, he loves the song and wants it to be the theme song for his new show!!! Now this is amazing and so great!!! I want this to happen like nobody’s business… but now proceeds the problem, all companies involved are fighting for the rights to own the song. My publishing company won’t give anything up and the show’s production company wants to own it completely… it’s unbelievable that I have the perfect song and the best connection and they wanna use the song!!! and it can get all ruined by greedy companies… I am very frustrated with the “Man” right now… I may need to go down there and kick some ass to get it done. but I’m not very scary…

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