Today’s Pop Stars Have Something For Everyone

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Popular music artists today are some of the best ever if you look at them collectively, not individually. It seems for some strange reason that whatever weakness one may have whether it be vocal, dancing, or whatever another pop star is exceptional at it. Take Britney Spears, she has the dancing but not the vocal talent of her peers. Honestly, she can’t hold a note to anyone in her age group. But, for the most part none of her peers can really match her dancing or stage spectacles. Her songs are fit for her voice; they’re without depth and soul, mainly fun and very light because she can’t carry a serious ballad. “Everytime” in my personal opinion is not a serious ballad, just a slow song.

Ballads actually require some kind of feeling and a singer should emote, which Britney isn’t really used to doing so that’s her weakness. On the other hand, you have Christina Aguilera. She’s one of two pop stars who actually can be called a diva. She has the voice, engaging stage presence, ability to emote in ballads (Beautiful, Voice Within, I’m Ok), and she’s proved to be able to do the fun, catchy songs and the serious vocally challenging songs. Her weakness is her obsession with her voice, and she like to hang that over her competitors head the fact that most people agree she can out sing pretty much a female singer out at the moment.

So she compromises her vocal talent for really big and exciting performances, she can’t seem to get past the fact that people marvel at her voice. Therefore her songs reflect that, its not that they’re bad song choices it’s just that her music is for those people that like true vocalist. Beyonce is sort of the balance between the two. She’s in that vocal group with Christina and her stage presence lets it be known that she is a diva as well. Beyonce has the upbeat club friendly songs that she dances and lip-synchs to like Britney but she also has the ballads on which she emotes (i.e. Dangerously In Love, Speechless).

Her weakness is that she lacks any edge in her music, she’s pretty much a straightforward artist and she’s predictable in her song choices. That’s where comes in, her music is a total 360 of her sister which is what me and probably plenty of other people expected. She has this kind of hard pop, guitar driven music which is cool and completely compliments her throaty vocal delivery. Her shows for the most part are energetic and She understands the difference between emoting and yelling which is more than I can say for her sister who still needs to learn.

Ashlee’s weakness is her lack of musical knowledge, she should know her music is not rock. No where near rock music, and the more she tries to prove that it is the more she appears to be trying too hard to prove herself as a valid rock artist and the opposite of her sister. The pop stars of today have a lot more understanding of the ability to keep themselves and pop music in general in the spotlight by feeding off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses rather than being basically carbon copies of each other like Mariah and Whitney who made very similar music up until Mariah’s idea to try to gain street cred.

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