Tom Fletcher Ponders Ideal Hair Length

Tom Fletcher of updated fans on the British pop rock band’s blog at MySpace (@mcfly) on Monday (January 12), talking about online imposters, vacationing in America, and what length fans prefer his hair. The 23-year-old singer/guitarist tells readers:

Guess who… that’s right… It’s Tom again! Just been reading all your comments. I still find it amazing how many fans we have. You guys are awesome and I hope you all know how much we love you! Just a reminder that we do NOT have personal MySpace accounts. This is the one and only MySpace where that we log into so it is the only place you can be sure it is us you are talking to. There are a lot of weird and annoying fakers out there. So be careful and don’t trust anyone! Surf safe people! That goes for Facebook, Bebo, flebo… no, I made flebo up… but any of these type of sites… there are like 20 Tom Fletchers on here so watch out! Anyway, me and Doug are back in sunny England now. Harry and Danny are still enjoying their holidays for a while and then it’s back to writing all the new songs!!! I had my holiday in America and I can’t believe how many Americans and Brazilians recognized me! Was crazy. It’s nice to know that we can travel all over the world and still find people who like our music! So, hello to everyone who came and said hi on holiday. Right. Off to bedfordshire. Tom P.S. Should I cut my hair… it’s getting rather long? Long hair or short hair… that is the question! Vote now!x

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