Tom Sneddon: I Don’t Have Michael Jackson Penis Pics

MSNBC’s Rita Cosby spoke with Santa Barbara County prosecutor Tom Sneddon about a report suggesting wanted the photo of his penis from the dropped 1993 molestation case returned. “Rita, that’s just another instance when the defense team does not know what they’re talking about,” Sneddon said. “I don’t have those photos. The sheriff’s department doesn’t have those photos. Nobody can get those photos without a court order. There are only three names on the signature to get in there, you need signatures from two of them and a court — a judge’s approval. So this is just typical of what’s been going on in this case ever since this happened. The people don’t know what they’re talking about, and it’s not true.”

Jackson Could Join Live 8 Lineup

June 14, 2005 – Live 8 promoter Harvey Goldsmith tells Capital FM he would consider adding Michael Jackson to the line-up for the July 2nd event – but questioned whether the singer was ready to perform yet. “Obviously we’d consider it,” Goldsmith said. “Whether it’s appropriate or not is another issue, whether he’s in a fit state to work is another issue, whether he can work is another issue and whether he can work live is another issue.”

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2 thoughts on “Tom Sneddon: I Don’t Have Michael Jackson Penis Pics

  1. roshella says:

    Much love for family and friends most important his kids.R.I.P MJ.

  2. Prince says:

    Tom you should be ashamed of yourself. You ruined a superstar’s life. But people now love him more than anytime before. shame on you you ——

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