Tommy Smith Addresses Backstreet Boys Lawsuit

A forum poster claiming to be former keyboardist-songwriter Tommy Smith gave his side of the lawsuit he filed against the group and Zomba Enterprises, Inc. last month on the official Band message board recently. Tommy said of his action, “The truth is I didn’t wait this long. I tried for Months to work it out with the boys, even after I left.. But the Firm never took my calls. They didn’t even think I was serious until I filed the lawsuit. That happened 7 months ago.” As for his current relationship to the group, Tommy said, “I went to see the Black and tour in Orlando and Brian was really nice to me, even mentioned something onstage to me. Nick and Kevin were distant. Nick asked if I was ‘still mad at him’. AJ was…well, AJ. AJ is the one that I thought wouldn’t even care about this mess. After the new band was rehearsing in LA he still asked us (the old band) to do a JNN [AJ’s band Johnny No Name] show in December of 2000. I really respected that. But now I see our faces have been blacked out on the JNN website. I guess that’s Denise being mad about the lawsuit. But really, what did they expect I was going to do? Sit back and take it?”

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