Toni Braxton Doesn’t Like Jennifer Lopez Comparisons

Toni Braxton says in the upcoming issue of Blender magazine, “Somebody recently compared me to J.Lo. I have a lot of time for her as an actress, but, please, give me some credit. I know just how good a singer I am. I’ve been around long enough to have my own identity.”

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One thought on “Toni Braxton Doesn’t Like Jennifer Lopez Comparisons

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    I don’t know why many talented and gifted artists (who can actually SING) that have been in the business longer than her (such as Mariah, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, c’mon!!!) are always being compared to Jennifer. What big huge thing has she contributed to music history to be the reflection of artists that have achieved greater success than she could ever succeed in a life time!!! Just because Jennifer is a great dancer, beautiful, has a clothing line and perfume company (which she probably doesn’t even manage herself, she just gets the money) and has a big ass doesn’t mean that she has THE VOICE, THE TALENT, THE EXPERIENCE, AND THE GIFT. Toni in comparison to J.Lo is hilarious. First off, Toni has a very huge and gifted voice that’s passionate, truly expresses what it means to be a woman with a peaceful sense of mind (unlike Jennifer who just sings about all the rocks that she got but being the same and knowing where she came from..BORING), has a husband, 2 beautiful children, a family life, and a heart that truly embraces the world as we know and see it. Jennifer Lopez wants a family life, but she can’t because she just rushes so quickly in love, expecting everything to be a fairytale, and concentrates too much on herself and being on the spotlight. I don’t know why she wants to get married AGAIN anyway with her busy schedule. Probably wants MORE attention with her very expensive rock on her finger. And Toni doesn’t ask for so much attention, she does it on the right time and right place. Plus, all in all, Toni has been here longer than she. Toni has made a beautiful thing with her life as a person and an entertainer: a family, a husband, a lover, a haven of peace, love, hope, and dignity. J.Lo hasn’t been in this business affair long enough to be the attention of comparison for other artists. She barely even has an identity, and if she did, the media just cares about her big butt and big bucks.

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