Toni Braxton Rages Over Jennifer Lopez Comparisons

The National Enquirer reports Toni Braxton exploded when a writer compared her to Jennifer Lopez. A close family friend of the six-time Grammy winner revealed, “Toni said the writer needed to get his hearing checked! She asked, ‘How could anyone possibly put me and in the same sentence? It’s such bullsh**!’ She is furious that anyone would dare compare her voice to J.Lo’s.” The source continued, “Toni yelled, ‘I dont’ need $2 million worth of studio equipment to sing! Jennifer can act and she’s one hell of a businesswoman – but she cannot touch my voice!'”

Jealous Training To Rub Ben Affleck The Right Way

December 18, 2002 – Star magazine reports Jennifer is secretly taking massage lessons and bought the ultimate massage table for fiance Ben, who loves getting massages and has a female masseuse he frequently hires. Well J.Lo isn’t happy about that, so her new skill and the $60,000 luxury leather platform, customized by Gucci, is the perfect way for Lopez to keep the other woman from giving him a rubdown… and a great Christmas gift as well.

Maid In Manhattan Gets Two Thumbs Up

December 18, 2002 – Contributed Anonymously: Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie, ‘Maid in Mahattan’ the #1 movie in America, was given the good ‘Two Thumbs Up’ rating by Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper. The pair called the film “charming” and Roeper says J.Lo was “wonderful as an actress.”

Pizza Will Do For And Ben Affleck

December 18, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports after a frenetic day’s shopping at Beverly Hills boutiques Barney’s of New York and Maxfield’s, followed by a visit to LA’s top bookstore, Jennifer and Ben decided to get some food, but stuck with simple cuisine. The couple waited patiently in line at the nearest pizza shop while starstruck staff looked on.

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