Tony Ciccone Says Daughter Madonna Pregnant

The Sunday People reports Madonna’s father Tony Ciccone confirmed that the singer is pregnant. Tony said, “We are very excited that she is expecting again. It is always exciting when your children have children. I don’t know if Madonna’s child is a boy or a girl yet, we just want it to be healthy.”

Britney Spears Had Better Consult On Staying Cool

May 31, 2002 – Tony Hicks of the Contra Costa Times spoke with journalists and teens on whether Britney Spears is cool anymore. editor Audrey Fine commented on her site’s recent poll that had 85% of fans vote that she wasn’t cool: “It’s really kind of funny, because she’s been saying she’s the of this generation. If I were her, I’d call Miss Ciccone and ask her (what to do). And Britney isn’t as smart as Madonna. It will be interesting to see what the people behind her will be able to pull out of their hats.”

Press Barred From ‘Up For Grabs’ Bash

May 30, 2002 – The New York Post reports barred the press from the ‘Up For Grabs’ opening night bash at St. Martin’s Lane Hotel Saturday night. A source revealed, “Journalists were not allowed.” Madonna’s performance was mostly panned by critics, but it didn’t stop Madonna from having fun at the party with Guy Ritchie, Sting, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford. The party was busted up after two hours due to noise complaints.

Stella McCartney Converses With Madonna On Toilet

May 29, 2002 – The Daily Mirror reports Madonna and her best pal Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney, where apparently in the bathroom at San Lorenzo in Knightsbridge the two had a frank discussion of her love life. Making matters more strange was the fact that Stella was sitting on the toilet with the stall door open sharing her not-so-secrets with Madonna. An embarrassed Madonna muttered to witnesses, “I’m ever so sorry about her, it’s a thing that she does. We always have a girlie chat and take a pee with the door open.”

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