Tony Potts Discusses Britney Spears ‘Celebrity Expose’

My Network TV’s ‘Celebrity Expose’ delved into ’ life in a special aired last night. Tony Potts, who is also seen on ‘Access Hollywood’, talks with ‘Good Day LA’ about this latest in the troubled pop tart’s life. After playing an interview Potts did about four years ago when Britney was in Cleveland, Ohio backstage at Gund Arena while touring, they talked about how much she’s transformed since then.

Potts also referred to the people hanging around Spears now as the “dregs of society”, especially her paparazzo friend Adnan Ghalib, who he claims is selling his story for $2.2 million in Britain. “We all know what kind of people hang around these people. When it gets to a point where nobody is around her who can help her, then you have these bloodsuckers and these scumbags who hang around her for money and to use her to every extent that they can. She’s also not in her right mind as well, so she’s being taken fully advantage of.”

Afterwards, hosts Dorothy Lucey, Steve Edwards, and Jillian Barberie discussed their internal conflict in reporting on Britney’s downward spiral and their fear they are contributing to her problems.

The video at has since been removed.

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