Too Much Sex In Music

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What happened to pop music that used to have real meaning to it, and could make a point without trying too hard? What happened to the pop artists that had more of a gift to sing a tune and to make a meaning without relying on their image to speak for it? These days, seems like every pop song out there is about stripping off your clothes to be hot and sexy, about partying till you are drunk, and about boring sex that doesn’t have no point or meaning it. Of course you know some of those artist, so I won’t name them (cough , cough , cough Janet Jackson, cough Justin Timberlake, cough Jessica Simpson).

It’s getting old already, I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I love sex, but sometimes it just gets so old and annoying that there are barely any artist out there that can sing a song and just be sexy without trying. I don’t know why just taking off your clothes on stage is considered sexy, I consider it to be boring and leaving nothing to the imagination.

I consider artist like Alanis Morissette or somebody that can sing a song and happen to be very sexy without having to show their sexy underwear and their bras. I mean what about the young kids that still look up to Britney and Christina, and somehow get their new albums from somebody and think; oh I should have sex with my brother to try it out just like the song says I can! See, that’s where problem starts.

I’m not just blaming Britney and Christina of course, pretty much just the many artists who don’t seem to be original or creative enough to think of real music through their head instead of through their sexual organs. I mean c’mon, a lot of meaning and a point can be made into even a sexy song without it having to be so forced. For instance Marvin Gaye, he sung songs that were so sensual, and it was meaningful, and the lyrics were simple yet just classic. And Madonna, even her songs were simple yet just unique and simple, and there didn’t have to be so much of synthesizers and stuff to make it sound good. And at least they sung about other things besides sex.

These days, too many artist sing about sex, and it’s corrupting these little kids that don’t know anything about real sex and real love! Where’s the common sense in this world!


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3 thoughts on “Too Much Sex In Music

  1. Amanda says:

    Bands like Nickelback have lost their class and sing trashy songs. Only bad thing is, is that sex has been sung about for so long that there aren’t any barriers anymore. Sex songs aren’t taboo so artist can take sexual songs extremely far. I believe that only lazy artist sing about sex.

  2. Ayce Boone says:

    Indeed there is too much sex in pop and other styles of music. Back in the day, real talent dominated the industry and rose to the top. Today, too many entertainers race to the bottom and forget the young, impressionable audience who listen to more than just the beat of their songs. Yet many argue they are not role models and parents have the ultimate job of training young ones to be selective regarding music. That’s true. But music exerts a powerful influence and, like air, music is everywhere. You can’t escape it. Ergo, I take the position that artists should raise the bar. Yes, adults songs can be made, but they should be directed to that demographic. In my view, much of the music produced and sold presently is designed to appeal to young consumers, who lack the discretion required to be truly selective. And I often wonder why are songs so explicit? So randy? Is it really necessary to sing about S-E-X all the time? Really? Young folks need to keep their minds on things that elevate the soul! They don’t need to be pulled down by music that is so “carnal” and debased.

    Yes, I am conservative and a little old-fashioned. But I make no apologies for my values. And it’s time for adults to set a better example for our young people, to help them grow up with refined qualities and dignity. We can’t expect the next generation to take up the mantle if all they think about is jumping in and out of bed. We must help our young people to aim higher than that, to have a vision of the future that inspires them. To be sure, the music world will continue to produce and sell music that sells, and sex sells. But we don’t have to listen to it or buy it. How we spend our dollars can make all the difference. Let’s spend them wisely and on music that uplifts the human spirit.

  3. Mehdiway says:

    One word. Illuminati

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