Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Misspellings

Many English speaking fans no doubt may be having a hard time when searching for as the variety of searches in August suggest. They also suggest that when even the correct spelling, ‘Enrique Iglesias’ hasn’t been searched very often likely due to the Latin singer’s low profile in the US lately. Read on for the top 10 spellings.

Searches done in August 2001

Count Search Term

11644 enrique iglesias [correct]

322 enrique inglesias

214 enrique iglesia

161 enrique iglasias

127 enrique eglesias

95 enrrique iglesias

69 enrigue iglesias

56 enrique iglesis

29 enriqe iglesias

27 henrique iglesias

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One thought on “Top 10 Enrique Iglesias Misspellings

  1. chelsiejones. says:

    omg, I am in love with Enrique Iglesias man! I honestly can’t wait to go and see him in London next year for my birthday. he is truly amazing and hot. love you enrique:]

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