Top 5 Britney And Christina Songs Voted By Fans On MTVE

Contributed by amusicfanofsoul:

This week is Christina VS. Britney weekend on MTVE. the list was tight…but “Can’t Hold Us Down” pulled in enough votes to almost triple it’s competition.

5. Britney Spears – Baby One More Time
4. Christina Aguilera – What A Girl Wants
3. Christina Aguilera – Dirrty
2. Britney Spears – Boys (Co-ed remix)
1. Christina Aguilera- Can’t Hold Us Down feat. Lil’ Kim

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Britney And Christina Songs Voted By Fans On MTVE

  1. babet says:

    Well……the people have voted. I’m still against this STUPID competition…..but maybe it’ll shut up the whole “more people like Britney” BS talk.

  2. rachel says:

    Well, well, I am sorry but in Europe Christina will always kick Britney’s ass. It’s a fact not because of this teenybopper competition, I don’t know maybe they hate her so much because they were all are are still in love with Justina. Even Elton John wants to take advantage of Justina because he thinks he is hot, very wrong I tel ya. Some things about Europeans I just don’t understand like the obsession with Timberlake.

  3. rachel says:

    I said the probably hate Britney Spears because they really like Justin over there. Eh I know you are a Justina fan but not everyone is so don’t be getting all defensive on me.

  4. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney fans, in case you mongoloids need tissues I have some here. Don’t hesitate to ask. Can’t Hold Us Down is one of the best songs ever.

  5. Spearsworld says:

    Congrats to Xtina. Those Europeans sure are screwed up tho. They picked the most deplorable Christina songs. BOMT is the best song on that list, followed by CHUD. Oh well, I ain’t gonna hate too much.

  6. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    ^GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE, MONGOLOID! At least they have taste in music unlike you Britney fans. Baby one more time?, oh please… cool people hated that song, only you nipple less Britney fans loved that crap.

  7. EveryoneSucks says:

    The only good song on that list is Can’t Hold Us Down. I mean, I’m a Chrissy fan and all, but the other two didn’t really get to me. and Brit?? what does she sing about?? “hitting” her, and f**king with boys. The girl needs help.

  8. GymnastDude182 says:

    That’s because all you Christina fans have no life, and vote for Christina on because you have nothing better to do

  9. jimmypee says:

    You Britney fans just don’t know a joke when you see one. which is EXACTLY why you like Britney Spears. she’s a joke and you can’t tell. either that, or you just have no self respect….probably both.

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