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Search interest for has been on a bit of a decline on pay-per search engine in the month of August. The singer received 85,819 searches for ‘Aaron Carter’, a drop from the 107,415 total in January. Perhaps this played a factor in his album ‘Another Earthquake’ debuting in the #19 spot on the album chart in its opening week, with sales of 40,718 copies. The most common misspelled searches were Arron Carter with 2,741 queries and Aron Carter with 1,547. The most frequent song search was ‘Another Earthquake!’ with 333 queries.

Told Stay Away From Hotel’s Piano

September 12, 2002 – Star magazine reports during a recent stop in Scranton, PA for his ‘Rock, Rap and Retro Tour’, stayed at the Radisson Hotel and was warned by security to stop playing the piano in the hotel’s lobby at 4 a.m. Aaron snorted, “But I have 51 people staying here.” Management had none of it, and the keyboard was off limits to the child star for the night.

Aaron Carter On TV

September 11, 2002 – Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

Set your VCR and catch Aaron Carter performing ‘America AO’ on Thurs 9/12 on ‘Live With Regis & Kelly’ on ABC at 9amET. Also on Fri 9/13 on ‘Fox & Friends’ on Fox News Channel at approx. 8:40amET and the WB Morning Show (NY only) at approx. 7:40amET.

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3 thoughts on “Top Aaron Carter Search Queries

  1. BrezerAc_88 says:

    ugh! I’m so upset! I set my VCR to record Aaron on Regis and Kelly because I had to go to school and I didn’t record all of it and it cut off before Aaron was on it! gosh all day at school all I wanted to do was come home and watch it!

  2. Smile says:

    I missed Aaron too because President Bush’s speech in front of the UN cut into the show. Oh well. I’ll just pop in one of my videos of him. I’ll see him on the next show he’s on, anyway.

  3. CarterCrazy says:

    I was so shocked when President Bush came on and there was NO AARON!!! Go to and fax them a request to rerun that segment or mail them a letter. I was so excited about this because I want all those early morning TV watchers to see what Aaron can do.

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