Top Avril Lavigne December Search Queries

Searches for Avril Lavigne were huge on pay-per search engine during the month of December. The singer got 506,107 searches for the month, putting her in the league of Jennifer Lopez, though far back of and Britney Spears — and unlike those two, searches for the singer nude are behind lyrical searches. The most common misspelling was Avril Lavinge with 32,607 queries, followed by Avril Lavine with 16,346. The most searched song for the Canadian artist was ‘I’m With You’ with 5,663 queries, followed by her hit ‘Complicated’ with 3,404.

Avril Lavigne Talks SNL & Grammy Nominations

January 11, 2003 – Access Hollywood spoke with Avril Lavigne who along with Jeff Gordon is rehearsing for Saturday Night Live. Asked about her five Grammy nominations, Avril said, “Everyone keeps talking about it. Oh, you’ve been nominated for five Grammys, how do you feel? Everybody keeps talking about it so much that I’m just kind of like, yeah.” Avril says she’s not alone in her first stab at acting this weekend, with Jeff Gordon hosting. “I was telling him ‘Okay, you’re going through what I’m going through right now.’ We’re not actors,” she says.

Avril Lavigne Performs And Runs In Boston

January 11, 2003 – The Boston Globe reports Avril Lavigne, who played a mini-concert for KISS-108 listeners the other night, didn’t hang around Boston to do the tourist thing. The Canadian singer jumped on her tour bus and headed to New York, where she’s perform as the musical guest on this weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Avril Lavigne Fan Blamed For Computer Virus

January 11, 2003 – Ananova reports a fan of Avril Lavigne is thought to be behind a potentially damaging new computer virus. The virus tries to disable security software on the computer and retrieve personal passwords, and comes disguised as a fan club newsletter message for the singer. “When you look in the code of the virus it says it’s dedicated to Avril Lavigne – that she is his inspiration,” said Alex Shipp, senior anti-virus technologist at MessageLabs. “We first noticed it coming from France which may be where the author, who uses the name Otto, comes from.”

Avril Lavigne Shows She’s Growing Into Her Stardom

January 11, 2003 – Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe reviewed Avril Lavigne show at the Orpheum on Wednesday. Anderman writes, “On the heels of the Britney years, a slip of a skate kid who air drums is just what the teen-pop doctor ordered. That Lavigne writes tunes with killer choruses that capture the candied edge of adolescence is reason to celebrate. The high-pitched whirr of several thousand girls singing every single word muffled much of Lavigne’s own vocals, but the clarity, strength, and blessedly unmannered ease of her voice shone through.”

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