Top Jennifer Lopez Search Queries & Misspellings

Jennifer Lopez 'I'm Real'

The related search queries for the month of November are up on pay-per-search engine For the month, the term ‘Jennifer Lopez’ got a huge 370,564 searches, a little over three times the number for her rival Mariah Carey. In addition, misspellings littered the list. While 43,530 searched for “Jennifer Lopez nude”, only 10,635 searched for “Jennifer Lopez lyric”. The singer and actress’ most searched song was ‘I’m Real’ with 821 queries. Of course, references to J.Lo’s famous backside were included in a number of the top search strings.

Kid Rock Talks J.Lo And Entourage

January 11, 2002 – Kid Rock was on with Craig Kilborn Thursday where he talked about the new album, Pamela Anderson, his recording studio, and his trip with to entertain the troops. Kid Rock said J.Lo was nice to him but “Everybody’s nice to me.” Craig asked why and Kid Rock didn’t know causing Kilborn to wonder, “She didn’t feel protected or she wanted to be safe? She’s seeing the troops. She’s safe enough, right?” Kid Rock agreed saying, “I was going to say sh — where can you be safer than on a United States Force base?”

J.Lo’s Hubby Gets Jacket Stolen Right Under His Nose

January 10, 2002 – reports Jennifer Lopez’s husband Cris Judd had a Chanel jacket stolen from him while he watched J.Lo during her Top Of The Pops set last month. Seems everyone was keeping an eye on Jennifer as Lopez’s huge security staff of 22 couldn’t catch the thief either.

‘JLO’ Plates Near Puffy’s Place Not Lopez

January 8, 2002 – According to the New York Post, a gray ’96 Audi with ‘JLO’ personalized plates has been sighted near the home of Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs… Now if you thought for a minute Jennifer Lopez would drive a ’96 Audi, think again, as the car is registered to John L. Oliver, 64, of East Hampton.

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  1. hank says:

    i wonder how many searches she gets today. she seemed to fall off the radar after the ben affleck romance fizzled

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