Top Jessica Simpson Search Terms’s August search term results for related terms are out, and the term ‘Jessica Simpson’ got a respectable 93,358 searches for the month. This compares to 163,883 for rival and 47,839 for Mandy Moore. ‘Jessica Simpson picture’ was #2 with 15,679 queries while ‘Jessica Simpson nude’ was, as with all the younger female pop stars, near the top at #3. As one might expect, Jessica’s internet popularity blows away that of her boyfriend Nick Lachey, who only garnered 4,041 searches last month. Jessica’s most searched for song was ‘Irresistible’ with 617 searches.

Jessica Confesses To Being Back With Nick

September 27, 2001 – In an article in this week’s US Weekly, talked about her reaction to the terrorist attacks in the United States but at the same time admitted to being back together with Nick Lachey.

Jessica states, “My boyfriend called and woke me up. He was right across the Hudson River from where the twin towers once stood, waiting for a flight at Newark International Airport.

“I was in my hotel room in L.A. talking to him as the plane was going into the World Trade Center and I was stunned. I was like, ‘Nick, drive home to me right now.'”

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