Top Kelly Osbourne Search Queries

Searches for on pay-per search engine were nearly as strong as her father Ozzy during the month of July. While Ozzy Osbourne got 57,916 searches, Kelly Osbourne got 55,210. Her most popular song is so far her only release, the Madonna cover of ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, which got 871 searches. Other searches included picture searches, illegal nude searches (she’s not 18 until October) and searches about her unusual style. The most common misspelled searches were Kelly Osborne with 6,340 queries, followed by Kelly Osbourn with 1,557.

Knows Who Her True Friends Are

WENN reports discovered who her true pals are since ‘The Osbournes’ became a big hit and subsequently made her an instant celebrity. “I’ve got like a million acquaintances, but just two best friends,” she said. “The three of us have been together since we were toddlers back in England, so no, they’re totally cool with what’s happened. It’s been strange for me though.”

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