Top Nick Carter September Search Queries

The top search queries for Backstreet Boys’ for the month of were revealed today on [formerly] with the singer receiving 22,729 searches. This compares to a surprising 41,170 searches for his younger brother Aaron. 825 searches were for “Nick Carter nude”, while 492 searched for the pop star and his girlfriend with “Nick Carter and Willa Ford”.

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2 thoughts on “Top Nick Carter September Search Queries

  1. Nickfan says:

    I know you’ve got some nicknames
    I’m adding:THE LORD OF BEAUTY (Nick Carter)
    Nick please write me. Let me know thay you read my submission

  2. Intan says:

    NICK…I LOVE YOU!! kiss..kiss..
    No matter what you wear(even not wearing anything) I think you are sexy..

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