Top Shakira August Search Queries

Searches for Shakira on pay-per search engine were strong, and just barely under Jennifer Lopez as the most searched for Latino on earth. Shakira was searched for 465,682 times, just under J.Lo’s 479,345 searches. Searches for her lyrics just edged searches for nude photos of her, unusual for a sexy female singer. ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ was the most searched for single with 1,773 queries. The most popular website was her official site,, garnering 11,308 searches. The most common misspelling was Shikira, with 3,320 searches.

The Mongoose Is Very Close To Shakira’s Heart

September 26, 2002 – Shakira explained in a press conference why she named her concert tour ‘Tour Of The Mongoose.’ “I chose to name the tour after this animal because the mongoose is very close to my heart,” she said. “It’s an animal that can defeat a venomous snake with just one bite. It is like the personification of a utopia, a living miracle.”

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  1. roger a roberts says:

    I like to watch Shakira dance she is very sexy! I want to make wild passionate love to her every night!she is my favorite artist/entertainer.please send photos or whatever you can to me. thank you very much! peace& love to you! *Roger*

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