Top Three Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Marriage Delay Reasons

On Wednesday night’s Countdown, host Keith Olbermann touched on and Ben Affleck postponing their wedding for what they claim is because of intense media attention. Olbermann says Countdown’s top three other possible reasons are: No. 3, the dressmaker needs more time to take out the gown in the rear end. No. 2, they’ve actually moved the ceremony to a secret location no one will ever find, a theater that is still showing ‘Gigli.’ And No. 1, Affleck? I thought you said I was marrying…

Jennifer Lopez Furious Over Ben Affleck’s Gambling

September 12, 2003 – The Enquirer reports that just before the last minute cancellation of their wedding, Jennifer was furious at Ben over his continued high-stakes gambling. “Jen was ticked off at Ben for blowing wads of dough in L.A.,” a friend of the couple revealed. “And when she found out he had hightailed it to a Connecticut casino after visiting his mom, she was furious. She’s still very, very mad at him for playing around with strippers a few weeks ago.” J.Lo believes Ben’s habit is a big waste of money. “When she hears about Ben wagering huge sums of money on a single poker hand, she thinks that’s flushing money down the toilet,” the friend said. “She wants him to grow up and act his age.”

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