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Contributed by BritneyFantasy:

There have been a lot of pop stars with a very big year in 2003. They might have had a hard year but in the end got better or maybe the best year they ever had in the music industry!

Britney Spears. This was her year definitely. She was all over the media in the beginning and middle of 2003. They caught her every move. Later near the end of 03 Britney started to have short concerts in Australia and Europe and all across the country. Then in November 2003 Britney released the album we’ve been waiting for ‘In The Zone’. It turned out as a success in America and other countries but in the U.K it was a disappointment at high numbers like #37 on the charts. Over all the year has been good for her music wise but publicity and hate wise forget that.

Christina Aguilera. Well the tour with Justin Timberlake in the U.S was great and a success in my hometown. The rated as the ‘Best Pop Concert’ of the year! Pretty good. I honestly think that Britney got a lot more attention then Xtina this year and last year was more of Xtina’s year. Christina disappointed many people in the ‘Blender’ magazine when she said bad remarks about Britney and I’m sure everybody knows about them. But than as we know Britney came back with remarks for Xtina. Maybe next year will be a better year for her.

Justin Timberlake. He’s had a great year. Between his hit songs like rock your body and more! Justin signed-up to be the spokesperson for many things including McDonalds and the NBA. Justin visited hospitals and gave kids toys for Christmas. And plus (I’m sure Justin’s happy about this) he got a new girlfriend actress Cameron Diaz. Good year for Justin hopefully 2004 will be a success too!

Jessica Simpson. Has had a good year also. She came out with her new album ‘In This Skin’. Jessica shows her more well mature likeness in the ‘Sweetest Sin’ video. She also has that funny hit show on MTV with husband Nick Lachey ‘Newlyweds’ which was a big success. Jessica showed her stupidity (that’s the bad thing lol) but hey it’s getting her somewhere because now she’s the spokesperson for ‘Chicken Of The Sea Tuna’. Good year for Jessica.

Clay Aiken. Well he didn’t win American idol but he did come out with his successful CD ‘Measure Of A Man’ and the hit song ‘Invisible’. Clay has had a good year.

Beyonce has had an excellent year going solo. She has the hit songs ‘Crazy In Love’, ‘Baby Boy’, ‘Me Myself And I’. 2004 is sure to bring Beyonce good luck!

Hilary Duff came out with her hit CD ‘Metamorphosis’ and the hit songs ‘Why Not’ and ‘So Yesterday’. Her Lizzie Maguire stuff is still selling and still is a major success but Hilary has shown a completely different side of herself through her music. Good luck in 2004 Hilary!

Fefe Dobson is actually new to the pop-rock world. She has the hit song ‘Take Me Away’. Probably a lot of people never heard of her but she’s been on TRL a lot. Good Luck Fefe. She actual sound like sort of Avril like.

hasn’t had that big of a year but maybe next year will be better for her.

I hope everybody liked my tops of pop of 2003 essay. I tried VERY hard not to bash any celebrity but only to say positives not negatives if you noticed. So please don’t say I bashed a celebrity because I didn’t I said something good about every single one! I accept your comments or questions and I understand you have opinions of your own. Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “Tops In Pop For 2003

  1. Kizzardkid says:

    How was it Britney’s year when she came out in NOV? she barely even had a year, her year will be 2004, but 2003 was Christina and Justin’s year, oh and Beyonce’s even though she didn’t deserve it.

  2. XtinaFan says:

    Completely agree with you about Britney! :-) And here’s what I think about the rest. I’m not going to post a paragraph about each person though. Christina…last year was better. Justin…good year, but only because he uses a certain someone for PUBLICITY! Jessica Simpson – don’t know and don’t care. I haven’t even heard any of her NEW songs. Clay, Hilary and Fefe…also, don’t know and don’t care. I haven’t heard any of their songs. Beyonce…good year. Avril….bad year.

  3. Brinn says:

    1. It was not Britney Spear’s year. If anyone, it was Beyonce’s or Justins. 2. It was a big year for Christina, not only has her album continued to sell well all year, she has had many number one singles. You shouldn’t have even brought Britney into the equation when talking about Christina. Otherwise, you seem well spoken for an 11 yr old.

  4. getalifeyall says:

    This was a very nice unbiased essay and it’s true. If a lot of people would quit being dicks and take a step back from their hard headed stubbornness, they would see that there’s room in the music industry for all of these artists. They’re all talented in their own ways and not everyone is going to like them, but that doesn’t mean they should disappear. They’re regular people just like us and they have dreams too. One day some of us might fulfill our dreams and we’re definitely not going to want people treating us how we treat these stars. So I think everyone here in popdirt, myself included, could show a bit more consideration and agree to disagree on our differences. I think one thing we’ll all agree on is that these artists BritneyFantasy named all had a very successful 2003.

  5. jimmypee says:

    LMFAO! Flopneys year? you think her album flopping, her single flopping, getting slammed by the critics, enforcing her position as a joke and wh0re, and her own fans turning against her performances, makes it her year? poor child. if flopney got sent to jail for raping her own mother to death you morons would still be going “it was HER year this year! OMG YAY! no 1 got as much attention as her!

    LMAO! the magazine covers are exactly what I said: proving her as a sad wh0re’, ‘and its funny her album has only sold about 1.3 million and they already have to certify it for 2 million shipped, even though its ALREADY out of the top 10, and the shops have got STACKS and PILES of the CD just sitting there. soon going to drop down faster than flopney got on her knees for fred durst. this time last year Stripped was #10 and sold 268,000, whereas ITZ only sold 200,000 this week at #13. and we all know Christina had four big radio hits, and incredible longevity. as opposed to Britney who hasn’t had a hit in 3 years, and that ain’t going to change anytime soon…her album will drop like a rock now, like it always does, especially with no hits on radio to help it. she’s flopping. and I LOVE to watch it :-D

  6. BritneyFantasy says:

    Thank you everybody that commented good comments. And well the people that kept saying it wasn’t Britney’s year I didn’t mean when she came out in November or the publicity I just meant over all her album the #1 singles #1 album TRL everything like that and sales wise.

    uhh jimmpee did ya even read it says right in front of your face (read on)’, ‘i wrote exactly something like your complaining about I said MUSIC WISE IT WAS BRITNEY’S YEAR BUT FOR PUBLICITY AND HATE I SAID FORGET IT IT WAS BAD! Maybe if you’d read better before commenting that would help ;) *just a thought*

  7. getalifeyall says:

    It took her 5 weeks to sell HALF of what it took Christina 14 months to sell’, ‘God, that must really embarass you. What makes it even funnier for us Britney fans is that Christina is the one with the hit singles! She’s the popular one on the radio… where it’s free. But when it comes time for people to actually open up their wallets and spend cash, they do it on Britney. Each and every time. Britney’s HBO DVD has already sold 2 million copies too. Britney’s DVD is even almost outselling Christina’s Stripped cd. That’s sooooooo embarassing. Britney didn’t even promote that DVD. Oh my God, when I actually stop and think about it, Christina is actually being over shadowed more and more by Britney each year. Britney doesn’t need to be on the radio, she doesn’t need any hit songs, her albums all go multiplatinum anyway! And the majority of the world STILL prefers her over Christina. People hear Christina on the radio and then they see Britney’s CD at the music store and they still would rather go pick up Britney’s CD than Christina’s. That’s so sad and proves to me just how much the world loves Britney. She truly is the queen of pop and like she says in her song… She’s just begun, havin her fun.

  8. angelinajolieXtina01 says:

    ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS READ THIS HUN :) Aguilera Named Top Of The Pops Singer Of The Year Top of the Pops has dubbed Christina Aguilera Singer of the Year for 2003. They write, “She may dress like someone nicked all the mirrors and lightbulbs in her house, but there is no doubting the power of Christina’s mighty tonsils. In fact, the trumpets that knocked the walls of Jericho down were just a thin man’s guff by comparison. Ironic considering that when she first started singing, Mariah Carey (who’s no stranger to powerful lungs herself) thought she was such a copycat she took to calling her ‘Mini-Me’. Bet those words don’t bring her down today.” Meanwhile, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake has been dubbed Most Buff Bloke, while Blue took home Band of the Year. AND IT IS DAMN TRUE SO TTOP THIS NONSENCE XTINA ROX

  9. amusicfanofsoul says:


  10. babet says:

    xtina had an awesome year what the fu** are you talking about!!! Christina and brit got about the same media attention. only this year Christina released awesome songs such as fighter and beautiful and can’t hold us down and voice within. in fact this is the year where she started to gain more respect for her song beautiful. she’s gotten plenty of awards this year as well….not to mention 5 grammy nominations. but of course a Britney fan would always wanna make their b!tch look better. we all know Christina is more successful as an artist.

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