Tori Amos Finds Michele Bachmann’s Views “Completely Against Christ’s Message”

Tori Amos 'Abnormally Attracted To Sin'

spoke with in a Q&A, talking about how she celebrates a new release, how her last album ‘Midwinter Graces’ inspired her latest effort ‘Night of Hunters’, the disappearance of the singer-songwriter from mainstream, gay marriage, suicides among gays, and if she thought there was hope for conservative congresswoman Michele Bachmann or people like her.

I don’t understand people. Again, I’m a minister’s daughter, I was brought up in the church; I do know the political side and how it works. If I could sit down with these people you’re mentioning, I’d say, “I thought Jesus was about love and not about judgment and damnation. I thought Christ came to question the judgment of a very harsh God.” I just find it completely against Christ’s message. I don’t know what they’re representing, but they’re as far away from Christ as my Bible teaching taught me and, you know what, I was brought up in the church! I’ve gone to church enough for almost every woman in America!

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