Tour Manager Loses Ryan Cabrera’s New HD Camera

checked in with his MySpace friends (@ryancabrera) on Sunday (March 9) with the following bulletin:

Well I have some good news n sum bad news… you may or may not know we went on a 50 radio tour where we were filming the entire trip to put together a mini-doc for the video blog… Well a certain tour manager which I will keep his name private (ADAM BLAIN) lost my newly purchased HD camera!! Please do not hesitate to kick him in the playground if you happen to see him on the road wit us!!! Haha so needless to say we lost that footage but he got a camera for Christmas (the lucky devil) so we are now recording more behind da scenes stuff for ya – also I am popping the full version of ‘SAY’ on the MySpace in case anyone wants it for their profile!!

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