Trace Cyrus And Hanna Beth Break Up

Trace Cyrus and his Metro Station bandmates spoke to frontman Trace Cyrus about their upcoming Australian tour, where Miley’s brother revealed he’s no longer dating Hanna Beth. “I’m single now,” Trace revealed. Since the band will be touring with The Veronicas down under, Trace was asked if a rebound romance might happen with one of the Brisbane twins. “I’ve seen them on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine… They look like very beautiful ladies,” Trace said. Read more.

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15 thoughts on “Trace Cyrus And Hanna Beth Break Up

  1. Karina says:

    So This Is like My Millionth Blog Post. ;P
    Well, I Will Start Off Saying That I Love Trace Cyrus And He’s Too Good For Hanna Beth Anyway. And Maybe Jess From The Veronica’s Will Be A Way Better Girlfriend Then Beth Was. And I Do Want Trace To Be Happy. But, With The Right Person. I Think he’s A GREAT Person If You Look Under All His Tattoos & Piercings. And I Think He Needs Someone That’s Much Like Himself. Hopefully If Trace & Jess Do Workout They Will Be Together For A Long Time. & They’ll Have A Lot In Common. Because, There Both Around The Music Biz. But Once They’re Are Done. Trace Cyrus I Will Be Waiting For You. ;)

  2. hiroko! says:



  3. CourtCourtChaos says:

    I honestly don’t like either of them, I mean, he isn’t hot and he has no talent, he should stick to playing guitar, leave the singing to Mason, hun.

    And yeah, why the hell are they back together?

  4. stephanie says:

    Trace should be mine not Hannah Beth ! Hannah Beth what a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. marlena says:

    So are they back together or not? lol I don’t think he should be with her he is to hot for her but if she makes him happy well then w/e and he does have talent CourtCourtChaos your just jealous… :p but Hannah Beth is really pretty too its just Trace Cyrus is super gorgeous! :]

  6. Bobbi says:

    i think it’s so stupid how chicks think they have a shot with TRACE. I mean COME ON! he’s famous. we are not! we know nothing about him. trust me on this one. I always thought I would end up with Tom D. from Blink 182 but it ain’t never gonna happen. GIVE. IT. UP! ladies. find your self someone else. celebrities are self-centered world hating punk rockers anyways so y bother? Unless I get emailed differently from a celeb. I hold my ground!


  7. Christine says:

    Okay, first, people know they won’t end up with a celeb. they just like to say that.. like me! I always said I’m Mrs. Nick Jonas. It just shows your dedication as a fan. Second, Hanna Beth and Trace Cyrus are over, so it seems. They aren’t together any longer. In addition, the tattoo Trace got saying “HB” is blackened.

  8. Jessica says:

    On his Myspace it says he’s single.

  9. RockChickkk:) says:

    Trace is ugly… his tattoos make him look uglier. BUT he is probably a really nice guy when you get to know him. BUT WHAT IS IT WITH YOU LOT WHO CARES ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP IT’S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!!

  10. joanna says:

    They are not together. Hannah was constantly cheating on him, and only using him for the soul purpose of getting into the limelight. She is known for her rapid cheating with any guy that she dates. She is a complete mess, and I feel bad that guys keep flocking over her.

  11. KateMonsterlol says:

    I think Trace and Hanna Beth looked really nice together. But I think what they both need is a break from what they are because they seem pretty common on each other, hang out with relatively similar groups of people and stuff, I’m not saying they should date like super different from them, but maybe it would be great if they could get partners that are different from them but they could totally understand each other.

  12. Lucy says:

    Blah. Next to “Miss Hanna Beth” (I despise her pretentious name), he looked HORRIBLE. And she’s not that glam.

  13. ShelbeeSmithareen says:

    Who The Hell Cares Who Trace Dates.? It Depresses Me Actually…:] I <3 Trace. Aha.
    Anyhow Ya’ll Should Add Me On Myspace

  14. Angie says:

    too bad that Hannah is going out now with my most favorite band sum 41 lead singer Deryck Whibley sorry Trace

  15. erinn. says:

    They looked awesome together but everything happens for a reason and personally I think that both Trace and Hanna will find who they really are supposed to be with later on. But I have my opinion and personally really do not like Hanna Beth, I don’t know why..Sorry..Trace deserves someone better.

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