Trace Cyrus: Blake Healy “Just Bailed On” Metro Station

Metro Station

Trace Cyrus checked in with his Twitter followers (@TraceCyrus) this morning to reveal Blake Healy has left Metro Station. The guitarist writes:

For anyone wondering.. has no new member. We are now a 3 piece band.

Sadly our original keyboard player just bailed on us one day and left. Luckily our good friend Kenny has temporarily been filling in.

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7 thoughts on “Trace Cyrus: Blake Healy “Just Bailed On” Metro Station

  1. metro station luver! says:

    I can’t believe he left!! It’s not Metro Station anymore!!
    I love you Blake!

  2. Christy Hanzelka says:

    OMG! He just bailed? That’s sad! I love Blake! Well technically I love you all (Mason especially) but he was a great guy. He also said you can cut a hole in the ground and travel through it. Still! He needs to come back!

  3. metrogirl13 says:

    you get it. I miss Blake. It’s nice of that guy Kenny to fill in!

  4. metrogirl13 says:

    I love Blake! He needs to come back! I mean technically I love the entire band (especially mason? but Blake and Ant were amazing! They both need to come back to Metro Station! I mean who else except Blake would tell you that if you cut a hole in the ground you can travel to wherever you are going? Come back! We miss You! Thanks Kenny for filling in for them! It is really sweet.

  5. chris says:

    it sucks but I’m making a band just like theirs, and no I’m not copy catting Mason Musso an my because inspired me to make music an I’ve made two songs already Metro Station will never be forgotten :) all the fans are very sad but still there songs aren’t gone.

  6. chris says:

    my names Chris Kuzniar

  7. chris says:

    Metro Station owns but my bands name will be call Metro Reject

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