Track-By-Track Review Of Of Britney ‘In The Zone’

Britney Spears 'In The Zone'

Contributed by ericpop27:

I just got my hand on the US version of Britney’s new album
‘In The Zone’. I though I might give you a track-by-track review of it.

(1) Me Against The Music – This floor stompin’ hip hop number opens
the album and declares Britney’s newly crafted ability to finally master
a genuine hip hop song. The album version is the same as what you hear
on the radio now.

(2) I Got That Boom Boom – It opens with the Ying Yang Twins declaring
‘Shout it, we fixin to go to the club to get crunk with Britney’. Suddenly,
you are hit with a sexy barrage of beats as the Ying Yang Twins openly say
what we’ve been thinking: ‘The Ying Yang Twins and WHO??’. It is similar
to Boys except that she has finally gotten comfortable in this sound.Would
be an excellent single.

(3)Showdown – Opens with some bass and funky sounds as Britney breathily
says something. She begins a sing/rap verse in a manner.
Then a verse starts. It sounds really in the left field of her usual stuff.
Most of the lyrics are breathy. Not much singing. It almost has a Jamaican
feel. It is a good driving song. Very mellow and relaxed number.

(4) Breathe On Me – My second favorite on the album. It opens with
some interesting electrical beats and Britney begins to sing very sexily.
The lyrics are bordering on dirty. Definitely a really new and very good
direction for her. Her voice sounds like heaven. You can totally get lost
in this song. Definite single material.

(5) Early Mornin’ – Opens with a bass line and drum beats as Britney
breathily talks about the night before. She begins to sing/rap about what
happened. The sound and all definitely sound like what she’s aiming for.
Its like the music from the previous night echoes in her head as she recalls
what happens. She’s also groaning as if she has a headache. Really cool
song, quite catchy. Would be a good club release.

(6) Toxic – opens with a sound very similar to Linkin Parks ‘Numb’.
Then it bursts into music that sounds like Rachel Stevens ‘Sweet Dreams
my LA Ex’, only faster. Then the two sounds cross. Then the chorus kicks
in. Its wild, funky, and almost ‘beach babe-ish’. It sounds very mysterious
and its a good song to shake it to. One of the more catchy numbers on the

(7) Outrageous – the BEST hip hop song on the album. Obviously produced
by R Kelly. Has great hip-hop beats, some whistles, and middle eastern

(8) Touch Of My Hand – GO BRITNEY. This is my favorite song on the
album. This song is about, as she puts it, ‘Indulging in yourself’. It
opens with a Japanese type sound and then a heavy electronic base line
joins in. She begins to sing and then a great drum loop beat breaks in.
This song is absolutely hypnotic. It starts and you can’t turn it off,
its so good. This song has absolutely got to be a single. The production
on it is amazing. Her voice is really great. The two blend together to
create a passionate and yet beautiful declaration of Britney’s love for ‘self-appreciation’.
‘another day without a lover…the more I come to understand the touch
of my hand’ ;). I wouldn’t think she could turn this subject into such
a beautiful and hypnotic song.

(9) The Hook Up – Starts with some Jamaican man shouting something.
Britney begins to sing something hip-hopish and another great beat breaks
out. This is a great dancehall song. Would be a great summer single and
is definitely fun in the sun.

(10) Shadow – Starts with a string into as Britney declares regrets
about ‘someone’. Then a great rockish chorus breaks out. ‘its only a shadow,
leaving too soon’. Well we can all guess who this is about. Its a lovely
song. The beats sway and Britney shows her artistic side with this one.
Really good to sing along to! A good ‘uber ballad’ that is still original
and this one is definitely an instant classic. Probably going to be a big
fan favorite. This should have been the first single as originally rumored.

(11) Brave New Girl – starts out with that sample from some cowgirl
song and then the beat kicks in and Britney begins to rap and her voice
starts to be electrically synthesized. Great song for driving and getting
ready for fun. The lightest and most fun song on the album. You can’t hate
this song! It’s just too good.

(12) Everytime – Begins with a quite and beautiful harp and piano intro.
She begins to sing this sad number in a vulnerable delicate way. Her voice
is absolutely haunting. Sounds identical to her performance on SNL until
the middle of the second verse when some snapping and soft beats come into
play. During the breakdown, some nice guitar riffs are in the background.
Then ‘this song’s my sorry’ is sung and the song almost stops and you can
literally feel the power of those words. Poor Britney. She may be heartbroken
but she created her most amazing song to date because of it. If she releases
this as a single, i see it going straight to the top of the charts. Congratulations
to Britney on such an excellent song.

Overall, you can definitely expect to be surprised with this album.
If I didn’t know better I would say it wasn’t even her. This album is so
fresh, creative, and innovative that everyone can only applaud Britney
on her new found self. With this album we finally see all of the Britney
that was before only peeking through. Normally I’ve always disliked at
least 2 or 3 songs on her album, but after giving this album a thorough
listen I can say it is good from beginning to ending. She shows that she
has matured by leaps and bounds since ‘Britney’ and emerges as a surprisingly
talented artist with an album as masterfully crafted as Madonna’s ‘Ray
of Light’ mixed with Pinks ‘Missundaztood ‘ and even Christina Aguilera’s
‘Stripped’. The big difference with this album is that she managed to master
all of those different types of music and combine then onto one great compilation
of music. It’s a wonderful journey of her self discovery that leaves
you begging for more.


Unfortunately that’s the end of the US version. The tracklisting is
not only in a different order than i expected, but its also a lot shorter.
The UK version has 3 extra songs: ‘MATM’ Remix, ‘The Answer’, and ‘Don’t
Hang Up’. Such a shame because i would love to hear ‘Don’t Hang Up’ and
the rest of ‘The Answer’. I prefer the MATM remix to the original though.

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10 thoughts on “Track-By-Track Review Of Of Britney ‘In The Zone’

  1. xtinarox says:

    Overall: ALL OF THEM SUCK ASS EXCEPT FOR MATM(good only because of choreography)

  2. SJ says:

    Britney’s ‘In The Zone’ album sucks! Over all from hearing just 3 songs… I think the album sucks! I WON’T BUY IT!



  4. B0rntoplay says:

    Glad you liked it. Its her best yet, and one of the best in a long time. The only way you would not like this album is if you were a Britney hater. It’s that good

  5. BritneyFreak86 says:

    By reading some of these comments…it shows ignorant people can be…coughs SJ coughs…excuse me…:). Now…on to a WORK OF ART. I can absolutely say…this is Britney’s best work EVER. I love all the songs and her voice sounds real and refreshing. Brave Girl makes me think of Legally Blonde. LOL. Touch Of My Hand has to be my FAVORITE. Very Janet Jackson. She got great producers and great writing by her. Good job Britney. ;)

    I even know a few Britney haters that are going to buy the CD. :)

  6. grace_04 says:

    All you people (especially the person who wrote this review) don’t even dare compare “Stripped” to any Britney album.

  7. BritneyFreak86 says:

    Aww…grace-04…can’t stand the fact that this album will actually do BETTER then your PRECIOUS Slut-I mean Christina’s “Stripped.” It was a year ago…get over it. Newsflash for ya…this one’s better then “Stripped.” (I have it…I know.)

  8. outrageous4u says:

    The album is amazing, like I knew it would be, don’t listen to the haters. they are negative only because its Britney-if it was any other artist they would love it-its pathetic that some are so hateful once again Britney tops her last effort-touch of my hand is the bomb toxic, outrageous, breathe on me, MATM, etc. there is no filler songs on this disc it is that good-pop it in and let it play thru because each song is amazing do yourself a favor and get the disc on the 18th that’s my girl, Britney!

  9. grace_04 says:

    *****Freak, you say that because you are a Britney fan, idiot. You’ll say you love everything she does… that’s because you are a fan. And any Britney album would not even come close to the masterpiece that Christina made in “Stripped”.

  10. Christinacopp says:

    Now I haven’t heard anything yet…I could’ve downloaded it, but I like taking a new CD out of the rapper, sitting in my room and playing the whole thing…hearing it before is like opening all your gifts on Christmas eve! Anyway, I love Britney, I like Christina, (I went to her concert this summer…her performance was way better than Justin’s) but they aren’t comparable…they are totally different, have different styles, I know who is a bit more talented, but we KNOW it’s going to be completely different from “Stripped” so why try and compare them…just enjoy them…if ya don’t want to listen to them…DON’T! But stop the silly feud!

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