Trainreq 2k8 Discusses Hacking Miley Cyrus’ Gmail Account

Trainreq 2k8, who claims to have hacked into Miley Cyrus’ Gmail account, was on Power 98.3 in Phoenix on Tuesday morning, where he described some of the material he obtained from the ‘Hannah Montana’ star back in December, only to release it onto the Digital Gangster forum over the weekend. He claims there were texts back and forth between Miley and her then boyfriend of the Jonas Brothers. He said none of the images he saved were of Miley nude, and none of the texts were explicit, but rather messages like “Ooh I miss you Baby Boo.” That conflicts with earlier reports that he said she talked about having sex with Nick. He has some more images, including one of Miley in front of a mirror with a “blue shirt and panties” on, where she took a picture of her butt and her panties were “white and semi-see through.” He said that picture is about equally as bad as the wet t-shirt in the show image he released. Listen to the interview below.

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47 thoughts on “Trainreq 2k8 Discusses Hacking Miley Cyrus’ Gmail Account

  1. dede says:

    I think that Miley is nasty for talking like that to Nick she is only 15 which is really slutty and whorish for her she is just nasty for even talking about having sex with Nick they are way to young bad bad future for Miley

  2. Nate says:

    well if he has any revealing pics he is telling about he needs leak them because the public needs to know who the real Miley is and she’s really hot!

  3. jonathan says:

    they should put that hacker in jail!
    how could no one care!
    email is private and it is illegal to hack someones email and leak their private and personal pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. whocares says:

    he didn’t hack it though, I don’t know why everybody’s calling it one. even the “hacker” tries to say it’s not a hack.
    “is this your biggest hack???”
    “yes…. uhhhhh….. this is one of the biggest….. things I’ve pulled off”

  5. so.whatevs. says:

    umm jonathan? she shouldn’t be posting pics like this. she screwed herself over =S

  6. Kevin says:

    1st of all hacking into a gmail is not illegal and Miley is fu**in sexy with no shirt on whoever is trainreq 2k8 I love you man hahaha

    i just don’t understand how to hack in a gmail

    if I just got her i.p. I can do it but that’s not going to happen unless she emails me back

    and if she did I probably do the same thing

    and Miley if I was you…

    I would delete your messages you dumb slut

  7. Emily Osment says:

    It’s not your business! Leave them alone!

  8. izazie says:

    hi what is Miley’s gmail anyway so I can chat with her when ever I want

  9. wtf says:

    the guy sounds like KEVIN JONAS

  10. Wow says:

    What this did was stupid did you know that I could do what this guy did in less then an hour hundreds of people can and have the only thing different with this guy is he actually showed every one one the pictures as I said I could do this on an hours 2 min to find ip which gets me started then the netbios and a whole bunch of other stuff I won’t tell you how to do could do this easily without cops catching me but I won’t cause I’m scared anyways I know someone who did though but is smarter than this guy because he’s not doing what he did

  11. Wow says:

    By the way Emily do you actually think your gonna stop this by saying that.oh wait silly me did you actually think I was stupid enough to believe you were Emily for all I know your a guy LOL but if you really are her pay attention to the first sentence

  12. Mike says:

    This guy isn’t real hacker I doubt he knows any programming language he probably just guessed the password right

  13. bridget says:

    I doubt he is really a hacker… stop apparently hacking her account leave her alone she deserves privacy!! just because you have nothing better to do but do that!

  14. LOL says:

    I would’ve hacked her I could have but I am a wuss

  15. rEqGUARD says:

    Lol. Just by getting the IP you can’t just hack into someones e-mail. For all of you who says they can do this, DO IT! prove me wrong that most of you cant.
    He Did this because Miley made your Myspace account password the same as her email password. =]

  16. amalia says:

    i bet the pass was ILuvUNick

  17. Ebony says:

    How can she talk about having sex with Nick and they’re only teenagers? And by the way
    NICK IS GOING OUT WITH SELENA GOMEZ. What would she have to say to this, when she finds out what Miley is trying to do.

  18. Ebony says:

    Uhmmm, Emily yes it is. If it wasn’t then they wouldn’t tell everyone about it.

  19. Selena Gomez says:

    OMG! I never knew that Miley Cyrus would never do that! She is so disgusting! We used to be friends,but after I found this out,NEVER FRIENDS ANYMORE! Nick is my boyfriend! How could she ever think about this! I’m calling Nick right now and telling him! He’ll hate her,and be mad at her! They won’t even be friends anymore!
    God Bless,Sel

  20. Matreya says:

    She need’s to get over herself she’s pathetic lol far it’s funny everywhere you look she’s somewhere nude taking pix ov herself.Haha funny she’s got nothing anywhere to look at lol shame di**head shame

  21. LOL says:

    LOL you can’t hack some by knowing their ip the way I know how to do it is complex programming that will extract the related hash to the username text box then unhash**

  22. Deacon says:

    Kevin FIRST of all logging into a server you don’t own with anybodies credentials but your own is DAMN sure illegal. It is not a hack but theft or a privacy and TOS infraction. You tell me what magic you think your going to do with her IP and I will get it for you. These wannabees make me puke. what you gonna do WINNUKER from the 80s man.

  23. Hacker says:

    Hacking emails is illegal? Then what is your government?
    “Illegal”? They go through your emails without your consent daily, and what is one hacker from thousands of people seeing your so-called private information.

  24. ryan says:

    you old a**holes need to shut up and quit calling her a slut because you obviously are to old to know what its like to be a teen advise watching your kids more because most of your daughters are turning out to be sluts at an earlier age then 15 nowadays and they are doing a lot worse then sending naughty pics

  25. Jmac says:

    its great what this guy has done, bout time we see how this sellout whore really is. Her and the Jonas fa*s can’t sing for sh** and bullsh** they are pure.

  26. Anabolic says:

    For everyone who says Miley is too young to have sex or let alone send pictures… ! what the fu** you obviously are from a different era. Everyone who grew up in the past 20 knows that. 90% of the girls in my high school send nude pics to guys, and I don’t know a single sophomore girl who is a virgin.

    Fu** off.

  27. matt says:

    he didn’t hack that account he got the pictures from the Myspace account and claimed to hack her account the whole video is a lie

  28. seleena says:

    That is rubbish he didn’t hack her email it’s all lies

  29. Tort King says:

    Gmail can’t be hacked. That’s b.s. My computer guy said it isn’t possible.

  30. Amelia says:

    I just pity her, she pretends to be this squeaky clean girl who doesn’t do anything bad.

    Though some of the photos are a bit much, it just goes to show you what kind of people some of our younger generation is praising.

    It’s just a pity, she needs to think before acting.

  31. NIGGA says:

    Who cares about hacking can’t we all just enjoy the photos and if you don’t like them what are you doing here

  32. Angelica says:

    She is just a teen quit trying to put the blame on her. Almost every person on here who wrote that is talking bad about her has taking pics like that. (shirt up, hair wet) so don’t try to make fun of her when more than half the teen on this planet has done the same thing…

    Miley is just a teen and doesn’t deserve the bad things that are happening to her… I least she knows she has support from her fans!!! like me!!

  33. anita says:

    it’s not her fault she’s just trying to catch some fun

  34. Miley says:

    Hello, everyone listen, I’m NOT Miley Cyrus okay? I just have the same name oh and stop saying that my e-mail is Miley’s just cause we have the same name okay? Cause I’ve been getting lots of e-mail’s saying, we love you and we hate you Miley Cyrus, I’m NOT her alright? Thanks. Luv you Miley<3<3<3

  35. abbie says:

    well this dude needs a life what a freaking loser

  36. adrianna says:

    love Miley!

  37. Chandlor says:

    wow Miley is so stupid. She really should be more careful or better yet JUST DON’T DO IT EVER AGAIN!!!!! This is why I hate her and don’t watch her show. And no offense to her fans but she sucks at singing. I don’t get why no one listens to Selena Gomez’s music. she rocks. Selena, you r a billion times better than Miley. I don’t get why people even like Miley. she is so dumb and does not know what she is doing to her reputation. someday this will all come back to bite her in the ***. then she will every one and everyone will hate her. I hope I made my point. LOVE YOU SELENA. YOU ROCK and keep doing what you are doing because once everyone hates Miley, they will go to loving you and Demi, she is freaking awesome too. not a lot of boys say this but the Jonas brothers are really cool because they can sing and their show is awesome. Selena, Demi, and Jonas I love your shows. bye, LOVE YOU SELENA

  38. GioChaos says:

    Haaa.. That’s what the stupid bitch gets. Actin like a little whore, talk about Lindsay Lohan Jr. Who knows how long till a leaked crotch shot of this dumbass. As far as, TrainReq goes, nice job. -kudos-

  39. mystery says:

    OMG if Miley is just doing this to get attention, it worked! But in the wrong way! She thinks it right and it makes her popular and sexy buy she’s wrong. She needs to calm down and stop f***ing Nick.

  40. Jo says:

    Hi if you are Miley I’m your biggest fan lol you probably her that a lot but I am I have all your posters and CDs I love you I would love to meet you but I can’t because my mum and me can’t afford it by the way I love fords. Do you know Taylor I’m sorry I can’t spell his last name but he’s in New Moon

  41. matt says:

    Selena Gomez sucks at singing in real life, that’s why no one listens to her. Miley Cyrus is hot the “hacker” was mean for doing that but I still like the pictures, lol I know I am a hypocrite. I’m a fan of her. I bet all the people out there saying she’s a slut and whore are like 40 and don’t know that majority of kids at my school lose their virginity by age 15. most kids above 12 and below 25 or so know that.

  42. I kill him says:

    It’s not your problem what she’s want that and do. Just forget it okay? For all stars can be like that its not world end Miley don’t give up just sing. I to was lost my memory when I was 13 years old. I don’t know who is me parents who is me grandparents but I don’t give up and continue live.

  43. Popdirt is FUNNY says:

    HAHA, actually all of you who think this was a huge thing are stupid, it’s just another human’s way of getting more famous, humans will do ANYTHING for attention!!!

    And to you people pretending to be those celebrities, did it take you a long time to write “Selena Gomez” and “Emily Osment”? Because I didn’t see any other correct grammar in your sentences… Stupid, stupid people, doing stupid things, all for attention.

  44. Jada says:

    Hi everyone, My name is Jada. I’m a huge fan of Miley Ray Cyrus. Well also known formerly as Destiny Miley Cyrus.. She changed her name. But anyway, I don’t really know if Miley Cyrus Emailed Nick Jonas about sex. She is pretty well she has changed a lot over the while. So I’d say she probably did. But don’t Judge her for what people say about her! She’s been through a tough life.. And Judging her is just Gonna Make It Worst. If you wanna know the Truth about Miley Cyrus, Go to Frankie Reyes (He’s the owner of the chat) Knows the real Miley Cyrus and all bout her. He goes on there often so you could chat with him and learn some stuff about Miley. Anyway, My name on the chat is ”Elly” Well you’d probably find me. My name is Elly then something else I forgot, Lol. And my pic is a cute lil bear..You could find me there every day! Well that’s all, Bye!! :) P.S. Most of your Comments are true !!

  45. Rini says:

    Miley love you too much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. jeff says:

    Miley was such a good country beautiful girl still is what happened Miley

  47. trainreQ says:

    bitch face why are you takin credit for my work for you stupid wanna b mutha fuka go die in a hole u putrid chatty cu** i mean seriously get a life grow sum nuts and actually do it ya self ya fu*n gronk

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