Transcript Of Chris Kirkpatrick On The Kidd Kradick Show

Contributed by jcsfan88:

Al: Hey MC!
Guy: Hey come on over Mark.
Mark Cuban: Hey, sorry I’m running late.
Kelly: That’s alright.
Al: Chris from NSYNC was on time. Guess we can’t get your billionaire butt on time.
Kelly: Yeah, you’re on billionaire time.
MC: What up? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Kelly: Iss alright.
MC: Chris is a great guy though, isn’t he?
All: Yeah. He is. Cool guy. He’s very sweet.
Guy: Mark Cuban, how you doin?
MC: I’m doing great.
Kelly: Mark, you’ve been working out.
Al: Yeah you have.
MC: Hey, if you follow you gotta look good.
Kelly: Look at his guns!
MC: Doesn’t he have a wonderful…I mean, a nice chest?
All: *laughs heartily*
Al: Wearing a little sleeveless things, with the guns out. Letting the pythons out.
MC: No! This is our uni for tonight. This is for the game.

Kelly: Are you playing too?
MC: Yeah! I’m playing too, yeah.
Al: Okay.
MC: Chris can hit, boy. He’s a Pittsburgh boy, too. He can play.
Al: I heard.
Kelly: Chris is a Pittsburgh boy?
MC: Uh huh.
Kelly: I thought he was from Florida?
MC: Well he might be from there now, but he grew up in Pittsburgh and like he’s a yunzer (???).
Kelly: I didn’t know that. I didn’t know you were an NSYNC fan. Keepin up with the NSYNC triva.
MC: Always.
MC: Me and Chris are boys. Yeah.
Al: He wouldn’t give me his phone number.
MC: I got it.
All: *laughs*
Al: EVERYbody’s got it! But you know, I used to have your number Mark.
MC: Yeah and I had to change it too.

Kelly: Oh, NOW they clap.
Al: Well of course.
K: They don’t clap for us all morning.
Al: Nah. Hadn’t said a word. They been sleeping. Hey, one girl had slobber running down the side of her mouth. Just sleepin!
Guy?: Well, that’s cause Chris is here. You know.
K: I know! Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC is here everybody!
Al: Wassup C dawg!?
Chris: Thanks Mom! Yeah, I’m good. I’m good. I’m really good…just waking up. Sorry.
Al and guy: That’s all right. You sound good.
C: I’m not a pro like you guys. It takes me like…8 minutes.
Guy: Perhaps you didn’t hear the show on the way in.
Chris: *cackles*
Al: Aw, man. You here. And you’re here on time! You know…some celebrities, they don’t have respect for the clock.
Chris: Well…I was going to try to be like, the professionally late. Or you know…
Al: Sociably.
Chris: Yeah. Try to make it look good. But I figured if I get there earlier…I can get this over with.
Everyone: *laughs*
Al: Thanks man.
Chris: *cackles*….Nah. I’m just serious.
K: When did you get into town? Last night?
Chris: Uh..yeah we got in. Pretty…was it? Probably about yesterday evening?
Al: Yeah.
Chris: Yeah, cause we had a dinner for the benefit that I’m here for.
Al: Okay.
K: Yeah, let’s talk about that cause we wanna plug your benefit and then we’ll get all the other stuff.
Guy: Yeah. The Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game
Chris: It’s The Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game with Mike Madano and basically it’s a baseball game and it’s SO much Like, we have our own charity thing in Orlando which we just did like two weeks ago. We had a Challenge for the Children, which is a basketball game. And we raise 3 and a half million dollars for charity.
Al: At a basketball game?!
Chris: Yeah. We’ll I’m sure a lot of it was for like flights and stuff.
Guy: Right.
Chris: But we had uh. I came last year, was Mike’s first event with the baseball game and it was so much fun that I came back this year.
K: I tell you this…cause I listen to a lot of sports radio. And they were promoting last year that you were coming. And they were like *dramatically* “Uh! NSYNC?! Ugghh..A boyband! Bleahgeyah.” but then AFTER you came, they were like loving Chris Kirkpatrick.
Chris: *cackles some more*
K: They just though you were the coolest thing. You know, cause I know you’re not here…you can’t hear all the pre chatter, but I’m sure that you’ve gotten ribbed a lot for being in a boy band and all that stuff. But man, you really made a great impression and the fact that they invited you back is cool.

Chris: Well…we kind of all get our fair share of getting ribbed, but you know, it comes with the territory and.
Al: Especially when you had those braids in yo head.
Chris: Ohhhhhhh! That was the worst!
Al: I know I let you have it on those a couple of times.
Chris: Yeah, you did.
Al: “Oh this white boy think he (can’t understand him cause Chris talks over him)”
Chris: I got it alot. I got into a few weave fights with those.
Al: Yeah. I imagine you did.
K: *giggles in background*
Chris: Basically.
Al: Hitting people in the eye!
Chris: *cackles* We’re gonna have to take the choreography down a notch…Chris is poking Lance’s eye out.
K: *gasping while she laughs* Are you serious? *sighs* Well..that was your image you were the…tough street wise one, right?
Al: Yeah.
Chris: Ye….is THAT what it was?
Al: Yeah. Look at you now.
Chris: I don’t think I was going for…
K: I’m over here Chris.
Chris: I’m like looking around, like who said that?
*a bunch of chatter and laughing*
Chris: I’m looking at this…shaved cat. On there and I’m like…
Al and K: Awww!
Guy: See that. That’s Kidd’s. It got ringworm and they had to shave it and it looks like that now. But, Kelly’s the one that’s been speaking right over there..
Al: Yeah, that’s Kelly.
Guy: Down here to your left.
Chris: Yeah, I saw her.
Al: Right below the cat.
Chris: I caught that. What was the question again? I’m so distracted by a cat now.
Kelly: I don’t even know…oh I think I was asking if they handed you that image. They said ‘you’re going to be the bad boy.’
Chris: Oh, my image thing. Yeah. Uh. No. We never had images handed to us. We’ve been uh. I’m mean we’re basically who we are…you know. We’re idiots. So…
Kelly: I would blame the dread lock look on…somebody else.
Al: Yeah, somebody! Bad advice.
Chris: My mom made me do it. You know. I had such a good haircut and my mom said. “You know what? You’re boring! Do this.”
Everyone laughs.
Chris: Uh..I’m kidding.

K: I remember the first time I ever saw NSYNC perform live…it was the very first RMA’s. That was my first time live.
Chris: Oh, at the radio…yeah yeah yeah. In Vegas right?
Al: Yeah.
K: I don’t think they’re ever doing those anymore…but Kidd, whose not here this morning. He won the very first one for DJ of the year.
Chris: Well then no wonder! No wonder they’re not doing it anymore…where do you go from there? (side no, in the middle of this I blinked several times because he sounded JUST like JC. His voice. then he sounded like Chris again…and it was wierd. Yes. anyway…)
Al and K: Yeah. Yeah. Exactly…
K: But yeah. They only did like a couple of those and I don’t think they even…like so many award shows come and go. And ya’ll’ve won quite a bit, too.
Chris: *long pause*….on the radio?
K: On everything!
Al: Chris, everything!
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, we’ve done pretty good. I mean it’s always flattering when you get awards and stuff like that, but. I think the funnest think that we’ve done is tour. I mean when we go out on tour….there’s nothing that really beats touring cause you’re out there. You know, I’m a road dog. I love being on the road. You go to a different city every night. You see your fans in each city and you know it’s always different.
Al: Chick in every state.
Chris: *laughs* Yeah.
Al: Not a chicken, a chick like…
Chris: Right. Yeah. What do they say a port, sailor in every port…or uh
K: Something like that.
Chris: Sails? Sailors? Sailors have a port in every.. oh.I don’t know.
Al: A girl in every boat?
Chris: A girl in every port!!
Al: Girl! Yes!
Chris: Aw geez, we’re awful over here.
Guy: Sailor in every different port is a totally different band.
Chris: Yeah. haha. Right.

Al: So, what’s NSYNC doing? Are they. They putting out anything or are they done..or?
Chris: Why are you asking me like I’m third person? That’s US.
Guy: He’s right there!
Chris: What are you guys? You can include me. I didn’t get kicked out. We’re not .
Studio: *laughter*
Chris: Although we’re pushing for that.

Al: No. What are YA’LL doing?
Chris: No, uh. Well, Justin’s on tour. Justin was just up in Canada.
Al: Yeah. We saw that last night. He got the…crap beat out of him.
Chris: No. He didn’t get beat up. He just. Got. Some….stuff. Thrown at him.
Guy: Water bottles…
Chris: You know what, it’s really good that he’s up there. Cause he can take stuff like that. You know and he’s so good at playing it off and you know, downplaying the media.
Al: Right.
Chris: So, that was kind of my problem…I don’t. I would have gotten..
Al: Gotten in a fight. Throwing stuff back.
Chris: really upset…yeah. it would have been…not as classy as Justin does it.
Al: He was pretty professional about it.
Guy: Yeah. He did come back out with the Rolling Stones, too. And uh. I guess they threw stuff at him too when he was onstage with the Rolling Stones.
K: *quietly*Yeah.
Chris: Well, he was quoted I think as saying that. ‘If I went to see the Rolling Stones and the groups that were there and I saw me I’d probably boo, too.’
K: Aww!
Al: *laughs*
Chris: But you know, it’s. It’s just that I don’t think people are aware and they’re not ready. In 10 years…you know people are going to be looking back on this and go ‘what were we thinking?’

K: Oh, it’s Canadians. Canadians are just rude.
Guy: Hey. Hey. No, Kelly.
Chris: You better be careful. My security guy is Canadian.
Guy: He’s from Montreal?
K: (to him) Rude! *giggles*
Chris: He speaks French. (OMG. He sounds so precious here!!!!!)
Guy: It’s not their fault!
Al (to himself): I know black people in Canada.
Chris: *laughs*
Guy: This thing started at 3 in the afternoon…. (Here everyone is talking and no one is listening to him and it’s funny. Kelly is talking about poor Justin needing to be in America where that wouldn’t happen. Chris is in between telling her he is back here now and then laughing at Al’s self mumblings.)
Chris: He’s down here now, so.
Kelly: That’s right he couldn’t wait to get out of Canada!
Chris: They were drinking!
Guy: The beer is a lot more (??) there.
Chris: They were drinking all day, yeah.
K: Oh, come on. Didn’t your heart break for poor Justin? It broke my heart for him.
Guys: Poor Justin?
K: Yeah. Getting booed and stuff like that!
Al: …Yeah.
Chris: I really don’t think that today he’s thinking about it. I think he’s moved on.
Al: He is sitting at home… Counting his money.
K: He’s counting his money!
Al: Thinking, yeah ya’ll can throw stuff if ya’ll want too. $100. $200. $300!
K: Rolling over and kissing.
Chris: *ignores Kelly and laughs loudly*
K: (a little louder) ROLLING over and kissing Cam
Chris: (over talks Kelly)I think. I think. The worst part about it though was that it was a benefit.
K: Yeah, it was a benefit!
Chris: You know, he was going out there putting his time in for this thing and for people to boo him. You know that’s, that was kind of low class.

l: So, you told me about what everybody’s doing individually..the group. What are ya’ll doing?
Chris: Well. I told you what Justin’s doing individually….Way to pay attention.
K: And JC! He just did..
Chris: Yeah. JC’s doing a record right now. It’s coming out.
K: I love that little Blowing Me Up thing.
Chris: Yeah. It’s a really good track. A really good track.
K: I liked that a lot. That did pretty well, didn’t it?
Chris: It did really well. I think like…top…10.
K: I know it did top 10.
Chris: But Um. That’s what JC’s doing. I’m doing kind of. My own…thing.
K: Are you still doing the clothing line?
Chris: No no no no. I’m not doing the clothing like anymore.
Kelly:You’re not doing that anymore!?
Chris: No. I think I got sued…or something.
K: *gasps* Oh my!
Chris: Yeah, you know how it is. Something happens in the business and somebody wants to sue you so you change your mind and do something else.
K: You know what though? Why bother…you know, you’ve got so many other things you can do.
Chris: We’ll it was good because you know, that definitely got me away from what I was doing for awhile and it was a step out because for the first 5 years we were out there we were just constantly on tour. Constantly doing group stuff and it got me away from you know, that for a second. But now, it’s cool cause now I can focus back on music. You know I have a studio. I go in the studio. Uh. I’m working with some bands here in Dallas. It’s just been so much fun to go back and produce groups and write new stuff for. You know, my projects or what I’m doing. You know. I’m happy.
K: So you’re doing a solo album?
Chris: It’s not a solo album really…I have another band.
K: Oh, a whole that you’re part of?
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, that we. sing. with.
K: You can do that legally?
Chris: Uh. Sure. Well, I mean. I’m going to get sued again, I’m sure. Thanks a lot.
K: Aww. I’m sorry!
Chris: Thanks for throwing that in the heads of everybody out there.
K: So what if you like?
Chris: I mean it’s a record label thing. Whatever I do. I’ll go through our record label.
K: Oh, so it’s like. As long as you’re still with the same company it’s cool.
Chris: Right right right.
K: So what are they called? The band.
Chris: Me.
K: Me is the name of the band?
Chris: No. It’s, it’s all still working. They’re still.
Al: It’s in the works.
K: Oh, WE can help you come up with a name.
Chris: (frantically) no no no no no no!
Al: Yes we can!
Guy: Yeah!
Chris: Oh. Great.
Al: Let’s name Chris’ band!
Chris: Great. No. Great. That’s all I needed. To be sued again.
Al: Dawg. Our listeners are so smart.
Guy: Creative!

Chris: It was one of those things that I was involved to a point. But obviously…I knew nothing about clothes and
Al: I can’t tell by the way you’re dressed! You looking all sweet.
Chris: I’m in jeans and a t-shirt. So.
K: That’s what FuManSkeeto was about, wasn’t it? Casual. Fun.
Chris: Yeah, but it was a lot of girl’s clothes too and I don’t really…
Al: You wear those kinds of clothes?
K: You don’t dig girls clothes?
Chris: Rarely, rarely, do I wear women’s clothing.
K: Rarely.
Studio: *laughter*
Al: Not what I heard.
Chris: Wait, wait, wait. Rare…..I meant never! I meant never.
Al: Yeah.
Chris: Never as in…ever.
Al: He’s got that dry kind of, David Letterman type humor. Or maybe not David Letterman but you know, he’s real funny but real subtle? You know what I mean Kelly?
K: Thanks for pointing that out Al.
Chris: Yeah, you really can’t tell by the way when I’m done I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me with like “duhooi”.
Everyone: Laughs. A lot.
Al: I was just going to say, I think you could do stand up, man. If you haven’t before.
Chris: Uh. No.
Guy: He’s been here like 30 minutes and he’s already got Al totally figured out.
Chris: *chuckles*
K: But Al’s totally figure him out with that dry humor.
Chris: But I’ve had the breaks too. There was a lot of bonding time.
Al: Me and Chris are tight. We hang out.

A chick calls and suggests “Christation” as a name.

Chris: That’s cool. Chris….Chris’tation?
K: See, you’re digging it now!
Chris: We could like. All get tattoo’s of coral reefs or whatever…I don’t even know. I failed science. I don’t know what.
Guy: Biology.
Al: Whatever.
Chris: Yeah. Whatever
Al: I pretty much failed everything.

Guy: So are you sticking around the whole weekend?
Chris: Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be here. I leave Monday. *whispers* I’m going ot be in the Dallas area..
K: So Al, you’ve got two whole days to hook up.
Al: We gon hang out!
Chris: Yeah, he’s going to get my number. AHAHAHAHHAhahahahahHA!
Al: Come on dawg.
Chris: Nah. He just blew it! He just said he’s got nobody in his phone anyway, so why would I…that means I know I’ll be getting phone calls all the time.
Al: I got numbers! I got digits in here!

They talk about this famous chick giving Al the wrong phone number. lmao

Chris: Guys’ intentions and girl’s intentions are two complete different things. She’s thinking innocently. “Yeah, yeah okay if I ever come to Dallas…” You’re thinking “God. If I get rid of this girlfriend! I’ll have this number on backup!”

Guy: We’ll I got extra tickets to Metallica and Limp Bizkit on Sunday if you’re gonna be here. If you want one. .
Chris: Yeah, I’ll go.
Guy: You don’t have to go with me..
Chris: As long as I don’t get booed.
Guy: No. You go watch.
Chris: It doesn’t matter!
Guy: You’d get booed anyway?
Chris: Nah. I’m just kiddin.
K: Chris Kirkpatrick, boo!!!
Al: Boo!
Chris: *cackles*

Chick Calls and asks about their new album.

K: You NEVER hear that question. I know.
Chris: Pfffft! Well, we are going back in, in . Justin’s….been on tour. So we have to wait till his album is out and been promoted enough and you always have to tour with an album. When his is done, I think JC might do a uh, little tour, too, possibly after that’s done. So, we’ll probably have an album out by…uhh, summer next year? Maybe? I can’t make gaurantee’s because if I say summer and I ever come back you know, I’ll be held to that but.
Al: Right.
Chris: You never know. I mean it could be. We could go into the studio next month and not have an album done for two years. Or you know, we could get in and have an album done in a month. When you write albums it’s…it’s so unpredictable. You never know.
Guy: Especially with the whole band instead of just one artist.
Chris: Yeah. We’re trying. We’re trying to get back in as soon as everybody has the time for it and…
Al: That Justin he’s just so darn busy.
Chris: It’s just Justin!
Guy: It’s all his fault!
Al: It’s Justin’s fault. He’s just so busy.

K: Do ya’ll have a pact? Ya’ll are going to stay together no matter what? Or until you reach a certain point to where you can all say, okay that’s it?
Chris: No.
K: I mean, isn’t there some sort of pact or contract or something keeping ya’ll guys together?
Chris: Yeah. We uh, we signed it in blood. We spit in our hands and shook on it. No, we. You know, we.
Al: Kinda playing it by ear?
Chris: We’re all friends. It’s not like we’re….I mean we’ve been through all this stuff together. We’re not gonna, you know leave anybody high and dry. We know what we have to do and we’re ready to do it.

Guy: You wanna call Howie D next? See if we can wake him up?
K: If it’s you know. I’ve had this number so long, I wonder if it’s still good? After I drunk!called him he probably changed it.
Al: Psh. Yeah. Girl I would have.
K: We’ll try it. We’ll try it.
Guy: He may have a more current one if your’s doesn’t work.
K: Oh, like Chris has his number and I don’t? Pfft!
Chris: Pfft!
Everyone: Pfft!
Guy: I guess we’ll find out. *laughs*

They play a small commercial before a song then…

Chris: Yeah, that is a ugly cat, man.
Guy: You do know we’re still on air, right?
Chris: Uh. *laughs*
K: I’ma tell Kidd you said his cat’s ugly!
Chris: Did you see this PICTURE?

Here he talks a bit more about the game and the people playing, blah blah. Chris says “Nick Van Exel” and yes, I was giddy for a good 5 minutes. Shut, up!

Commercials then a cheesy ass Al commercial.

“Welcome back to Kidd Kradick in the morning show! And now here’s your special guest host…It’s Tearing Up his Heart, but he Wants You Back, so don’t say Bye Bye Bye. Hahahaha. Hah. NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick!”

*weak applause*

Al: Sorry ’bout that.
Chris: Oh. That was songs we did. Gahh. I’m so slow at this stuff. I knew it.
Al: It took me all night to write that.
Guy: I don’t know if I’d brag about that.
Al: I thought it was pretty funny.
Chris: In crayon even! That’s greaaat. Is that green?
Al: Yeah. The backwards E.
Chris: Forrest Green my favorite!
Al: Okay. Okay. I’ll try to do better next time with Mark Cuban.

They talk about how one of the cast is leaving next week and they ask Chris if he knew about that.

Chris: Resigning or Fired.
Al and K: Resigning.
Chris: Oh, Resigning would be a lot harder, if it were fired I’d point the finger over in….that direction.
Guy: Point it over toward Al?
Chris: Yeah, somehwere over in THAT area.
Al: Over here?
K: Over in your area Al.

Chris: Badgering the guests, trying to get phone numbers.
Al: I don’t want cho phone number!
Chris: Now you’re pouting.
Al: I don’t want your little number.
Chris: Yeah, keep on looking out the window. Keep looking.

K: Chris programmed his number into my phone during the commercial break.
Chris: Shh!
Al: Owww. HELL no. WHAT? No. I don’t want your little stinky phone number.
Chris: You have it under Howie D’s buddy right?
K: Right.
Chris: Like, good.
Al: I don’t need your number. I’ll go outside and get a number.
Guy: I got it right here, Al. If you want it. He didn’t give it to you?
Al: Oh, Okay. EVERYbody get it. Okay. ‘s cool.
Chris: Everybody outside’s got it. Sup?
Al: Pff.

(This is the part I can’t remember if they talked about before. I think I skipped the part where they talked about what celebrity numbers were in their phones. Chris was like I don’t hang out with Celebrities and then Kelly said that she only had Dr Phil and Howie’s…..)

Guy: Uh. Speaking of your buddy’s do we wanna try and call Howie?
K: You can. It’s gonna be his voice mail, I guarantee.
Chris: Can we tell him who gave us the number?
Guy and K: Sure.
K: I’ve called him before on it.
Chris: You were drunk.
K: I know.

*dials number*

Guy: Trying to call Howie D. Or Howard Doroah?
Chris: Dorough.
Guy: Dorough.


Al: Who’s calling me this time of the morning!
Somebody: Yeah, it’s a little later there. (I think Chris and the Guy says this at the same time)

Howie: (quietly) Hello?
Al and Guy: Hey! Hello!
Al: What’s up my brother?

Howie: Hey, who’s this?
Al: This is Big Al. This is Chris Kirkpatrick, Kelly Rhaspberry. On the Kidd Kradick show.
K: Chris. Talk.
Guy: Howie?
Howie: *laughing* Yeah?
Guy: Hey, you’re on the air!
Al: Whassup playa?
K: Howie, I was bragging that I had 2 celebrities phone numbers in my cell phone, yours and Dr. Phil’s. And Chris Kirkpatrick is on with us this morning as a guest host and it was His idea to call you.
Chris, Al, and Guy: Ohh!
Chris: Oh Please!
Howie: He’s so crazy. He’s crazy.
K: Chris you come on you say it.
Chris: Howie. It was Kelly’s idea.
Howie:I know it was your idea, Chris. I know you.
Chris: What are you talking abo…it really wasn’t! I swear Howie!!!!
K and Al and Guy talk at the same time and laugh.
Chris: I’m feeling guilty because I’m like…if somebody did this to me. I’d kill em.
K: Chris! I can play back the tape!
Howie: You know I’m over here on the West Coast too, it’s like 5 in the morning.
K: Oh! Awww!
Chris: cackles really really freaking loudly. the precious chris!laugh. *melts*
K: We thought you were in Florida, I’m so sorry!
Chris: See! Who’s apologzing? Whose idea was it?
K: Chriiiis.
Guy: Kelly said, I was talking to him last night he’s in Orlando!
K: I did not.
Chris (in hick voice): She said, I drunk dialed him a couple times. He loves it!
K: I did do that a couple times.
Al: You know, to get Chris back you could just broadcast HIS phone number on the radio.
Chris and Kelly: *cackle*
Chris: Hey, don’t forget 555… I’ll help you out.
Guy: Yeah. So Howie how you doing?
Howie: I’m good, man.
K: I feel so bad that we woke you up. Chris talk to him. You know him. We just. Bother him.
Al: Howie, you got a trick over there dawg?
Howie: What? What’s that?
Al: A trick, you got one over there?
Howie: *laughs* No..
Al: Let me talk to him..
Howie: *laughs nervously*
K: Oh, stop it, Al. Don’t harrass him we woke him up. Chris do you want to interview Howie as the host today?
Chris: Yeah. Howie, I just want to say. Next time I see you…don’t forget. It really was Kelly’s idea. And not mine cause I know you’re gonna give me that little…ticked off face.
Al: But in all honesty. Chris did say that if he gets POed “I can take him.”
Chris: Oh! That’s easy.
Al: Yeah.
Chris: Hey, I’ve. He knows. Don’t talk about Roxy fight nights.
Howie: Oh *giggles* He wanted to take on me and AJ. Both
Chris: *cackles* That is so…okay, that’s true.
Howie: *giggles some more*
Chris: We frequent the same clubs and uh. There’s a club in Orlando that has a fight night. Where you just get in and box for fun.
Al: Oh really?
Chris: Yeah. I was gonna get in and Howie said “No, you’ll just hit AJ that’s not fair.”
K: You got a problem with AJ?

(There is a long silent pause from Chris were Howie is still giggling quietly in the phone)

Chris: SO anyways… Hey, Howie we’re really sorry to wake you up. Why don’t you go back to bed buddy?
Guy: So you guys like didn’t have a big dance off like Justin and Britney?
Chris:….dance? No, we’ve tried it. We’ve tried it. But we’ve been too drunk to get up off our a..
K: Oh, stop it. Howie what are you doing?

She asks Howie why all the BSB sites are gone and he starts to answer but this is were the tape ran out and mom had to flip it over so I didn’t hear it.

Chris: She (Kelly) has the Backstreet Boy action figures fighting the NSYNC puppets. It’s a battle royale.
Howie and Kelly laugh.
K: And the Backstreet Boys win!
Howie: That’s my girl!
Chris says something I can’t understand.
K: I love Howie, he knows this. I’m his little stalker.
Al: Oh my gosh.
Chris: You think?
K: But I don’t bother you too much. I’m the best kind of stalker. Cause I don’t bother you too terrible much.
Chris: You know she wanted to call you on the air so you’d think she’s a little famous too and you might think of ever calling down here and
K: Oh stop it.
Chris: Tell the truth!
K: He knows I’m famous.
Guy: You know, Kelly. We’ve been on the phone with Howie D for 4 minutes now nad you stillhaven’t told him you’re getting married.
K: Oh, Howie yeah!
Al: Break the news to him.
Howie: Oh! You’re breaking my heart!
K: I couldn’t wait for you any longer.
Howie: No way.
Chris: He sounds happy now.
K: I know.


Howie starts complaining about not getting invited yet and then they start joking about her wanting him to sing in the wedding blah blah blah…
Howie: Want me to sing an NSYNC song in the wedding?

lol Then they say good bye to him.

Al: You could take him, dawg.
Chris: Howie? We went to school together. He’s a small kid. That’s not really a good, fair fight.
K: Yeah, he’s a small person.
Chris: That’s why I told him AND AJ to get in the fight. *cackles*
Al: Take on both.
Chris: Now the other guy. Kevin. Kevin’s a big kid. He’s tough.

Note: oh yea, credit goes to chocolate covered raisins who posted this at JJB.

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6 thoughts on “Transcript Of Chris Kirkpatrick On The Kidd Kradick Show

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Oh my, I hate this fat bastard. Justin should kick his drunk ass away from Nsync!

  2. Stallion says:

    Cool. I was expecting N’sync to release an album next summer give JC and Joey more time to do stuff with their solo album. Can’t wait to hear what Chris does.

  3. babet says:

    K: Oh, it’s Canadians. Canadians are just rude.” I wanna beat the ***** out of that mother f**ka. you can’t blame the whole country because of a few a-holes. pffffft…like booing and throwing stuff never happened in the US. HA HA. some Americans can be so ignorant when it comes to Canadians. we have the most diversified country.

  4. Sammi says:

    You are contradicting yourself here. You are calling Americans ignorant because ONE American called Canadians rude. By calling Americans ignorant based on one person’s opinion is totally going against everything you just said. Nobody ever said that booing and throwing stuff never happened here in the US, but Justin was representing us, and it made some fans of Justin angry that they would do such stupid and shallow things. Canadians and Americans have held this grudge against each other, and it just got worse with this SARs concert. First, at a hockey game in Canada, the American national Anthem got booed… that’s just plain disrespectful and that never happened to Canadians in the US. Then one of America’s pop idols got booed and objects thrown at him. Americans and people of other countries alike who are narrow minded, may see only this, therefore hate all Canadians. But many do know better, and know that hate is not going to solve anything. Not all Americans are ignorant, babet.

  5. babet says:

    did you not read my post carefully. I did say SOME Americans. Justin wasn’t there to represent the US. wtf you talking about. he was booed because he was doing pop music in a friggin rock concert. DUH! there were other American artist there too. and not to mention so many American shows constantly make rude remarks against Canada on public television. and I’m pretty sure Americans have booed Canadians before in the US too. don’t start assuming you’re all high and mighty. many Americans tend to pick out every little flaw of Canada’s and make a big deal of it. Americans aren’t that great either. there are more stereotypes made against Canadians that started in the US then there are stereotypes against Americans. you are so quick to friggin judge things. I was directing my post to all the a-holes

  6. deadcolour says:

    Why does everyone always hate on the Canadians? Canadians rock. I wish I was Canadian. They say “eh?” and have awesome bands. Speaking in simple sentences is COOL. Yay! Who cares if a couple Canadians throw a few things at Justin? A few Americans have thrown a few things at quite a few other people, so what does it hurt? Nothing. I think the problem was that it was a rock concert and Justin was the only pop act, and that Canadians are used to listening to rock and pop punk more than pop…People saying “all Americans” or “all Canadians” have no idea what they’re saying. The words “all” and “never” shouldn’t be used when speaking of things you don’t know completely :D

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