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was Craig Kilborn’s guest on the Late Late Show on Friday. Jessica was on to promote her role in ‘That 70s Show’. Jess also talked about her upcoming marriage to star Nick Lachey, her virginity, the time period she was single and didn’t like dating (and how she now feels sorry for newly single Britney Spears), and more. Read on for a transcript.

Craig: Welcome back. Thank you. Our next guest burst onto the music scene three years ago with her multiplatinum album “sweet kiss.” She will be guest starring on three episodes of “that 1970’s show” beginning with Tuesday’s night’s premiere.

Craig: Please welcome lovely Jessica Simpson.


Craig: You look great.

Jessica: Thank you. That clip’s embarrassing.

Craig: You fin that clip embarrassing?

Jessica: Yeah.

Craig: Why is that?

Jessica: Because I’m pouring a bucket of water a over myself.

Craig: Did you not know camera was rolling?

Jessica: No. Of course I knew the camera was rolling, but —

Craig: You looked good at it.

Jessica: Do I? I only got one time to do it so they were like “you better do good.”

Craig: Did you pressure them?

Jessica: Then they would have to dry my hair. We were at the end of the day.

Craig: Did they pan — this is me thinking out loud. Did they pan down when you poured the water or did they stay on you face?

Jessica: You have to watch the rest of the show.

Craig: I’m sure they looked down.

Craig: I’m sure they panned down.

Jessica: Yeah, they did.

Craig: Tell them the good news.

Jessica: The good news. I’m getting married.

Craig: That’s the big news, ladies and gentlemen. And he’s a singer from 98 Degrees.

Jessica: Yes.

Craig: And, of course, I know who that would be.

Jessica: Nick.

Craig: Nick from 98 degrees. There he is. Nick Lachey.

Jessica: Lachey.

Craig: I didn’t — they phonetically spell it. In the west we say Lachey. It’s Lachey?

Jessica: There is a long story with it. In high school and in college it was Leche but when they became performers, it was Lechey. So it just sounds better. But like all of his college buddies call him Lichee.

Craig: I was there. How long have you been dating?

Jessica: We have been together for four years but we kind of took a little break for like four months last year.

Craig: Why did you take a break?

Jessica: It was my fault. It was one of those things where I have to grow up and experience things.

Craig: You wanted to date other people or what?

Jessica: I thought I did but then I tried it and I hated it.

Craig: You hated it. You ranack to Nick? What was so bad about dating these other guys? Were they losers? Were they other singers?

Jessica: They all lie and try to do things that you don’t want to do.

Craig: I’m listening. Tell me what —

Jessica: It’s hard to find guys who really respect you.

Craig: He’s not — these aren’t quality people like nick?

Jessica: Right. They just kind of — it’s weird trying to date after people know who you are. You know. Like I — I really feel bad for people like Britney Spears and everything that she is going through now because how does she go out and date? Like everybody knows everything about her.

Craig: Every move she makes has been reported on.

Jessica: That’s what is great about nick and I. We knew each other before everything happened.

Craig: You came back together and you are quite the conservative lady, aren’t you, about this.

Jessica: I’m a conservative lady?

Craig: Yeah. You —

Jessica: What are you trying to say?

Craig: My understanding is — these other singers, they dress provocatively and stuff, and you’re mainly going with your voice and you dress conservatively but you also — aren’t you saying — didn’t you say it? Chastity? Didn’t you say you would save yourself for your husband? Which I think is great. Is that true?

Jessica: Yeah, it’s true.

Craig: Come on. Come on. What? That’s wonderful.

Jessica: You know what’s so funny about it is that le a magazine asked me, you know, they just asked me about it, and I just told them that I a virgin and all of a sudden it was like this huge thing that — like was saving myself for my husband. It just was always something that was just a part of me and my life, and I was shocked that it was like on the cover of newspapers and magazines and that it was such a great deal.

Craig: We don’t get that enough in Hollywood or probably anywhere.

Jessica: Nick and I have been together for four years so I think it’s about time that we get together Craig: I think nick is a very patient man. Tell me, how he — how did — how did Nick propose?

Jessica: He chartered a yacht in Hawaii

Craig: Wow. So he’s a romantic, isn’t he?

Jessica: He’s a deep romantic.

Craig: Didn’t he — did he get down on his knees? Did he —

Jessica: No, because we were — we were on this yacht and we had, like, waves coming up at us

Craig: That’s hard. You would fall over.

Jessica: I was actually in his arms. He was holding me.

Craig: And you guys send notes

other oftentimes?

Jessica: Like when we’re away. He always does cute things. He gave my best friend, like, a letter to give me every day on the rot we were apart. Just cute stuff that just keeps it —

Craig: How many letters is it total?

Jessica: Wow. 50?

Craig: So you had 50 love letters —

Jessica: Cards. Every card say, “you know, I love this about you, I love that about you.”

Craig: I think that’s —

Jessica: I think all the guys went “this is so gushy-gushy.”

Craig: It’s so much work, I would never be able to do that. This is — want to hear my thin wt? I will say to my assistant “just get them tickets to the show. I’ll meet them at the restaurant. And they can join me mid-meal. I don’t care.”

Jessica: That’s romantic.

Craig: And I’m lazy. Yeah.

Jessica: Boy. M glad I got nick.

Craig: I guess so. Isn’t that let’s talk about — have you dated a lot before?

Jessica: No. This is my first, I’ve worked with coaches and stuff and I have some stuff in the works like I have some movie projects that I’m working on right now. It’s something I have always wanted to do but I always wanted to do it in a different way than everybody else.

Craig: Are you a fan of “that 1970’s show”?

Jessica: Yes, I am. It’s hysterical. Ashton is hysterical.

Craig: Ashton, Tofer, one of our favorites. Vilder Wilderama, something like that. You’re going to be on three episodes?

Jessica: Yeah. Right now — I’ve only done one so far.

Craig: I hope the other two, I hope you are pouring water on your head. I thought you did — you were very natural.

Jessica: You know, I have watched “Baywatch,” you know.

Craig: There is nothing wrong with a beautiful girl doing that kind of stuff.

Jessica: It’s so out of character for me.

Craig: Really?

Jessica: Like this — this girl is -she’s  really innocent you know, and she —

Craig: You’re innocent,? My opinion.

Jessica: Yeah.

Craig: How is she different? Have you never poured water over your head before?

Jessica: No. Like on the beach? Just taking a bucket of water and it?

Craig: Yeah. Then running into the water. No?

Jessica: No.

Craig: It’s fun. Yeah. Yeah.

Jessica: You would look good doing that.

Craig: I know. We’ve all thought about that. We have to hustle because coming up later Morrissey is going to sing. Nice meeting you.

Jessica: Nice meeting you too

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