Trenyce Was Hurt By Simon Cowell’s ‘Drag Show’ Diss

Ousted ‘American Idol 2’ finalist Trenyce was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk about getting kicked off the show, the nasty comment by Simon Cowell last week who compared her performance to a drag routine, and who she’d like to work with — Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC. They let Trenyce take her anger out on Simon by putting up a video screen of Mr. Nasty’s face, giving her tomatoes to throw at it. The tomatoes were too fresh to splat though, so Simon got the upper hand until he was egged later in the show. Read on for a rough transcript.

TRL: You guys please give it up for Trenyce.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Trenyce: Hi.

TRL: Come over here.

Trenyce: Sure.

TRL: So all the audience can see you. See your pretty face.

Trenyce: Hi, you guys.

TRL: Thank you very much for being here. You were a wild card contestant which means you were voted off early in the season, but the judges brought you back. Paula Abdul who was so impressed with you?

Trenyce: I absolutely love Paula for seeing that I was pretty talented enough to come back and she picked me. I mean, that was absolutely great because I didn’t get a lot of camera time. So I was really happy about that

TRL: She was definitely impressed with you. If there was one TRL artist that you could do a duet with, work with, who would it be?

Trenyce: Justin Timberlake.

TRL: Yeah?

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Now, he’s great. Plus, all the girls he’s with in his videos, he gets up on. Especially —

Trenyce: Yeah. Plus he’s from Memphis, Tennessee. So, yeah —

TRL: You guys from the same place?

Trenyce: Yeah.

TRL: Let’s talk of the performance the other night. All the judges raved about you, except for Simon. He said it reminded him of like a drag show or something like that? I don’t know. That’s a low blow. I don’t know if I would agree with him there. But how did you feel when he said that?

Trenyce: Actually, I felt pretty bad. Out of all the things he could
have said, he really hurt me feelings with that one. I can usually take his criticism pretty well.

TRL: Well, everyone else thought it was a great performance. So forget it. Forget about it. Just to show I’m on your team, we’re going to let you take out a little revenge in a little bit. We’ll check out a video, Hilary Duff at number seven today with “Why Not.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Number seven, Hilary Duff with “Why Not.” Number nine questioned — yesterday. I know Simon said nasty things about you and who wouldn’t hold a grudge. These are all yours, this belongs to you. We’re going to run down the clip of what Simon said to you, and when that is over, it’s your chance to take out your revenge. Let’s see what Simon had the say.

Simon: Um, — um, i thought — it reminded me a bit like a drag act.

TRL: Oh, god that’s awful. Er’s the juiciest, reddish one, and it smells too. On your mark, get set, go. That’s good. Get a squishy one. This one going to explode. Throw it like a man. Throw it harder than that. Get a good one. That one was good. There it is. Awesome. All right. That’s awesome. Thank you so much. You know what? Hold on. There you go.

TRL: Throw it —

TRL: Toss it.

TRL: Thank you so much. She’s such a good sport. Right now, we’ll take a look at some videos that are outside of your countdown. These are your wannabes. Take a look.

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