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I am very pleased about these essays that say is failing .I am a Christina fan a very strong one. And seeing that her name is so often pronounced in a year she has not released anything but a soundtrack is really pleasing. on the other hand had two album releases this year. And ‘In The Zone’ was a definite flop.

Britney is all in the tabloids she marries divorces and whatever. She did every promotion she could but she can not sell as much as she could. Because people are bored of her constant image and the singing talent of course is never a rescuer in the case of her because she doesn’t have any. Can you not see it? I am talking to all Britney fans, just close your eyes and listen do u feel any kind of emotion when she sings. Course not. I advise you to listen to Christina’s I’m ok from the stripped CD. And you will see what makes Christina an artist…

About UK competition between car wash and my prerogative. Don’t you see that car wash is in the top twenty for seven weeks which Britney left after her third week? In fact I am surprised because in a year of full Britney news and sensation …she should have done better. Don’t say she debuted higher. never forget that remaining is more important don’ t you remember that stripped debuted the billboard chart at number 2 .did that make it sell less than in the zone which sold 609000 in its first week? Face it, she can not stay in the charts for a long time. She is like a soap bubble and she is never taken seriously as an artist…Christina may sell relatively less in the third album but she is always a powerful singer. And she is always looking for something new .if she goes on like this she is here to stay for many many years. I never think she is going to flop in the next album. But even if she does she is BETTER than Britney.

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