Tristan Prettyman No Longer Engaged – Jason Mraz Wasn’t Ready

checked in with fans on her Tumblr moments ago, confirming that her engagement to fellow singer songwriter is off. When Jason was interviewed by The Daily Beast earlier this month during the Samsung for Children gala, he talked about the split. “My greatest mistake right now is, I’ve been clinging to my art,” Mraz said. “In that, I have victory for my art and a great loss for my heart. At the moment, my beautiful fiance is no longer my beautiful fiance.”

Tristan writes:

I am no longer engaged.

Why: He wasn’t ready.

It’s all good though, we are still friends.

I am committed to him being a happy human, growing into a great man, that will one day rock someones world.

As for me, I am ready to get the show on the road…

There is a saying that goes: Force, is most always met with resistance.

So please, note to self (literally I note this to myself, post it note it to my forehead style): I am not in any rush to find a replacement.

I am SOOO excited for my next record.

I am SOOO excited to raise this new puppy.

I am super excited to see what the universe has in store for me…

Check out the entire post here and watch Jason’s Daily Beast interview below.

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4 thoughts on “Tristan Prettyman No Longer Engaged – Jason Mraz Wasn’t Ready

  1. Anne Pham says:


    I only found out what happened very recently. Though… I get the fact that it’s just like any other relationship. Regaining the respect for one another as individuals to further develop and strengthen the relationship that this decision was made. Maybe not. But I’m very good at deciphering things. Your words. “atm..” and “two wholes make a whole” while giving away the fact that you both are doing yoga and surf together. It’s obvious to me. But then… Not many people, would be able to pick it up… Oh well!
    I only skimmed a bit. Just down to sauna? This is what’s been happening with me.

    I joined the Leisure centre around my area. I do yoga, Pilates and a body balance class (Which is a fusion of both yoga and Pilates as well as a splash of tai chi). Although, like any Aussie kid, I’ve partaken in swimming lessons since primary school. However, I was never so comfortable in the deep end of the pool. I picked up swimming lessons. Obviously, by now you would know I’m a very resourceful person and when I do something, I’m quite focused. *shrugs* after all. Having an understanding of systems and processes, hmm… makes learning and picking up new skills quite easy. Anyway! Because I’m quite serious about things. I took it upon myself to dig deeper. On my first lesson, I comfortably lowered myself into the water. Stood under water, resurfaced and found my way to float. “Equilibrium”. I’ve been saying that word quite often. Yeah. I’m still running. Oh! I also picked up indoor rock climbing a few months back and I’m also learning how to play the guitar. lol I’m taking full advantage of the sauna at the leisure centre. I’VE ALWAYS LOVED THE SAUNA!!! God I love it! Hmm… What you said got to me also. I’ve been contemplating this thought for quite sometime. Friends asking me about relationships and stuff.. I always seemed to come to the same conclusion, for myself as well as a projection of advice. You know the saying, “be a man”. Now… what does it mean… To be a man?” lol Let’s not talk about romance… I dunno man… Honestly? Within this month alone, I’ve been asked out by three boys… Boys… Hmm… 90% of a girls sex drive is mental. I would be so lucky ay. =) Hmm… But I’ve concluded with myself awhile ago. To have the best, is to be the best. Like you said, two wholes, make a whole. The song I can’t put my finger on that goes “I just haven’t meet you yet”. A love song is exactly how I feel it is to me. Love yourself enables you to love another. =) And that other will be the image, you set yourself to achieve. *shrugs* Well! that’s my 2 cents worth.

    As for work? Crown wanted me to do the loggies and the brown low? however you spell it. I declined. =P I’m working at Woolworths at Victoria Harbour. I’ve relocated back to Melbourne. I did donate my belongings to my neighbour. Hmm… A LOT has happened since.

    You know… It was nice when Junot Diaz said I should write a book and that he would be pleased to edit it. But after YOU got into the picture? I honestly dunno anymore. =) But? Whatever I do, I do my best. From fronend as a register chick I topped homeshop. It got relocated due to growing demands so I got thrown into perishables. Did planograms and got my finger around perishables and now I’m doing deli. lol A vegan in the deli… lol!!! well! This whole worlds a total hypocrisy. =) Being able to understand things at such a great depth… =) I dunno… I’ve grown MUCH you could say. Being able to let go… is very rewarding… I’ve always been grateful. Before my awakening. Even after. Well! Reply if you will. But then again… if you actually wanted anything to do with me… You would have already made your move. Hmm… cheers man.

  2. Anne Pham says:

    It’s nice to know that there is someone in the world whose heart is like mine. It was nice just to know that that person was listening. But it was wrong of me to to test that person. It was nothing more than a need to self validate my own existence because I validate my own existence. “That” is what makes a person whole. I came to this conclusion at the end of last year. And I’ve been working very hard to role-model my own understanding that is ever learning, growing and expanding. It was wrong of me to be subjective and selfish in facing my own reflection. It was wrong of me to hurt the one person who understands my a child. =) I strive to be the woman that I know I am and can be. Life is all about remembering one self. =)

    I am my own person now. And although I could just simply detach myself. I also know that it doesn’t matter how sufficient one can be. =) Like the levels of consciousness. Christ consciousness is for everyone and everything. Cosmic consciousness is about everyone and everything. And God consciousness is living with everyone and everything. =) True independence is being able to live with others.

    I am no longer hiding. I am no longer diving in and out. I stand tall, strong and firm. Strength is love. Love is strength of heart. =)

    It would be nice to bounce of walls with someone like myself. But I’m forever grateful that I have connected with those who share similar values and beliefs. I know, this doesn’t happen to many. And I humbly grateful. And I do take much pride in my stride.

    I wanted to share this with that person I call friend. I’ve always believed that Silent gratitude is no good for anyone. I could always take a step back and watch the world around me. In admiration and not criticism. =) But I’m choosing to close my eyes and take a leap of faith. =) I don’t know what will happen and how it will all turn out. But with everything that I do know. And the expansion of things that become my being. I will “do what I know, to be right” =)

    Namaste. =) It’s been two years now. =) Ever since I knew this word and what I means, I can’t help but utter to myself “what a beautiful word” =)

    with much gratitude, love and light,

    Anne Pham

  3. Anne Pham says:

    I came across this site and thought of the both of you.
    Tristan with your thyroid problems at times and Jason with the aunty who had cancer thing. I dunno. =D I love super foods like chia seeds, goji berries, bananas and kiwi =D Anyways! All the best!

    Anne Pham

  4. Anne Pham says:

    A friend of mine downloaded all your songs he could get his hands on and passed them over to me because he knows I like your work. I don’t think I’ve listened to everything yet but!? I have listened to your latest or should we say previous album. We sing, we dance, we steal things. =) One song that has recently gotten my attention is “Details in the fabric” featuring James Morrison. =) Cool track. =) Anyways! Catch ya… P.s. I realized just how silly I was with the seaweed message. “dah…!” Of course both of you would know about these kind of things. =) *shrugs* Oh well! =D

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