Triumph The Insult Comic Dog On Britney & Justin

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on joked about life for star Justin Timberlake following his split with longtime galpal Britney Spears. “Justin Timberlake looks good,” Triumph said. “He has facial hair now. He looks really tough now that he’s getting some tail. It’s nice. After two years of just having to lick himself like the rest of us, it’s good to see him up there. But Britney, I understand, you know, she’s got her thing, she’s saving herself. Yeah right, and I poop Godiva chocolate.” Read more.

‘Help Me’ Beats Out ‘Like I Love You’

August 30, 2002 – Our last poll asking if you prefer the solo debut single from *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake or Backstreet Boys’ had about 60% of you voting for Nick’s ‘Help Me’, enough to easily beat Timberlake’s new hit ‘Like I Love You’, which he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. Speaking of the awards, our latest poll asks which female pop star you thought was best dressed.

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