Troubling Signs For Nick & Jessica At Genetic Denim Launch

A spy at the Genetic Denim launch party in Los Angeles the other night tells The New York Daily News that and wife Jessica Simpson weren’t looking like a happily married couple. “They posed for photos together, but there was not much talking,” the source revealed. “She was sitting on one side of their booth, talking to Eva Mendes the whole time, and he was on the other, hanging out with his bodyguard.”

Jessica Simpson Shopping At Kitson

November 20, 2005 – Jessica Simpson was videotaped shopping at the Kitson store on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday (November 19). The singer attempted to evade the paparazzi by exiting out the back, but they quickly caught on. has since removed the video.

Not So Happy Birthday For

November 17, 2005 – A source tells Life & Style Weekly Jessica Simpson wanted to throw her hubby Nick Lachey “the party of the century” because she wanted to “show Nick how much she loves him and wants to make things work between them.” But the 98 Degrees singer told Simpson: “Do what you want, but leave me out of it.”

While Simpson agreed to cancel the big birthday, she threw a smaller party for her hubby and his family at an upscale Cincinnati restaurant on November 10th as well as a party in Los Angeles the next day. The celebrations didn’t go so well, and a friend said, “Nick’s in a bind. How can you divorce a woman who won’t acknowledge there’s a problem?”

Split Opinion On Nick And Jessica’s Marital Future

November 14, 2005 – Our previous poll asked if you believe Jessica Simpson and have already separated. 38.6% said “No, they’re just victims of tabloid journalism”, while 34.8% said, “Yeah, they’re just milking it for publicity”, and 26.6% said, “I’m sick of these two made-for-TV singing flops.”

No Sign Of Nick As Jessica Visits Africa

November 4, 2005 – As Jessica Simpson treks through Kenya with her father, Joe, her hubby Nick Lachey has been nowhere to be seen for two weeks. “He is out of the country working on his album,” the 98 Degrees star’s rep e-mailed The New York Daily News.

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