Trump Discusses Jacko Vegas Deal Gossip

Donald Trump phoned into the Don Imus radio/TV show this morning and was asked about reports he’s interested in getting signed on to a long term performing deal in Las Vegas if he can get acquitted in his child molestation case. “Michael Jackson is somebody I know very well, and you know, Michael’s got some serious problem, I tell you. Boy, has he changed,” Trump said. “He has seriously changed. I knew Michael in his heyday, and I would say 15 years ago he was beyond anything that there was. He was Elvis and he was the Beatles and everything else, and it’s very sad to see what’s happened to Michael in so many ways. Michael’s lived in my buildings over the years. He’s been a perfect tenant. We’ve had no problem whatsoever. I mean, absolutely none. I know what goes on in my buildings. And, yeah, there’s a concept that I would hire Michael Jackson to entertain, but, you know, it’s very early to think about that. Michael has to get through this problem first.” Asked for his thoughts about the trial, Trump said, “Well, I don’t think he’s looking bad in the trial, though. It sounds to me like the mother of — I mean, he shouldn’t be showing up in pajamas. That’s the one thing he shouldn’t be wearing for a trial like this. Maybe at certain trials, but for this trials, pajamas don’t go well with the jury. And, you know, Michael for some reason, he’s just — I don’t know. He’s his own worst enemy. It’s very sad to see what’s happened to Michael.”

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