Twin Towers Psych Ward No Hilton, Say L.A. Jail Vets

Inmates at Paris Hilton’s current confines at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles call it “the crazy ward” because it houses psychiatric patients.

“When I was here, it was the worst of the worst,” 40-year-old Donese Allen tells New York Daily News. “You are in there with people who are crazy. When I was there, I was with a woman who thought she was Spider-Man, so she would take the toilet paper and spin it” into makeshift webs, Allen said.

Twin Towers An Upgrade From Lynwood ‘Hell’ For Paris

June 11, 2007 – A friend tells The New York Daily News that considers her new confines at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility a step up from the Century Regional Detention Center in nearby Lynwood, where she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The heiress called Lynwood “hell,” the pal said. Read more.

Won’t Be Transferred To Lynwood

June 11, 2007 – TMZ reports that during Paris’ jail stint at the Twin Towers in Los Angeles, the heiress is only eating cereal and bread and is still having a hard time sleeping, because her room is bright and noisy. Hilton has been using the jail phone, which she has access to two hours a day. She’s still crying, but a lot less today than the last two days. Contrary to reports by X17, TMZ says that she won’t be transferred back to Lynwood. Read more.

Barbara Walters Talks By Phone With In Jail

June 11, 2007 – TVNewser reports that according to an internal ABC memo circulated on Sunday (June 10), Barbara Walters “had an exclusive conversation via telephone with Paris on Sunday afternoon.” Walters didn’t record the conversation, but the highlights, as recalled by ‘The View’ host, will be teased on ‘Good Morning America Monday’ morning, along with an story. Later on ‘The View’, “Walters will give a full debrief of her conversation,” according to the memo.

Levenson: Paris Hilton’s A Pawn In A Political Turf Battle

June 10, 2007 – Laurie Levenson, a law professor at Loyola Law School Los Angeles, spoke with the New York Times about Paris’ ongoing legal drama, and how despite her fame and wealth, she’s being made an example of. “She’s a pawn in a turf fight right now,” Levenson explained. “It backfired against her because she’s a celebrity. She got a harsher sentence because she was a celebrity. And then when her lawyer found a way out of jail, there was too much public attention for it to sit well with the court.” Read more.

Paris Hilton Calming Down At Twin Towers

June 10, 2007 – X17 has details on Paris’ new temporary home at the Twin Towers Facility in downtown Los Angeles. They report that the heiress is alone in a room with four beds, she gets two cold meals a day at 7 and 11 am and one hot meal at 6 pm, she has been eating, and she gets an hour on the phone a day. They add that there is talk she’ll be transferred to Lynwood’s Century Regional Detention Facility, but they don’t want her for fear of her safety. Read more.

Why Paris Hilton Refused To Eat Or Drink In Prison

June 10, 2007 – New York Daily News reports that Paris avoided any consumption during her three day stint at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood because terrified guards would snap a cell-phone picture of her on the toilet. “She was absolutely terrified that one of the guards or staffers would get her with the cell-phone cam and it would wind up on the Internet,” a Hilton insider revealed. “She didn’t eat or drink a single thing for three days because she didn’t want to use the toilet. She was in real danger.”

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