Two Michael Jackson Jurors Now Say He’s Guilty, Plan Books

Eleanor Cook and Ray Hultman, who were part of the jury who acquitted of child molestation charges, now say they think the King of Pop was guilty. They are sharing their beliefs in tell-all books about the jury’s deliberations, the New York Daily News has learned.

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5 thoughts on “Two Michael Jackson Jurors Now Say He’s Guilty, Plan Books

  1. Vanity87 says:

    Excuse me, but how are you gonna acquit a man of all these charges & then turn around & write a book saying you thought he was guilty all along? I so saw this coming. I was just waiting for these people to try to cash in on him just like everybody else!

  2. Justifine says:

    This is SO rediculous. First of all, there were 12 jurors, and if 3 thought he was guilty and still voted him innocent then they are retarded. Of course they would try to cash in on this like everyone else has, which is a sad statement. The jurors were picked to see that justice was carried out, and it’s sad that it’s come to this. There are still 9 people who saw and heard the same evidence and came to the conclusion that he was innocent, their opinions are just as valid as everyone elses. Funny that they aren’t writing books about it. These greedy jurors give the judicial system a bad name.

  3. shunny says:

    if they thought he was guilty and voted not guilty they ought to be punished not rewarded book deals.this is a publicity stunt to garner attention their books.

  4. Violet says:

    God, it makes me physically sick. I think that Sneddon, Melville, and the accuser’s family are the only people involved in the trial who *haven’t* tried to cash in.

  5. Michelle13105 says:

    For the first time I really feel sorry for MJ. All anyone can see are dollar signs when they look at him. What sickens me is I so believe that the whole time the trial was going on, they were taking notes for books, and knowing what they would vote all along. Sick *****es. I hope nobody buys these books.

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