Tyler Hilton Album Update & Tour Plans

checked in with fans on his official web site blog at tylerhilton.com earlier today with news on his new album and plans to hit the road beginning in March. The actor/singer songwriter tells readers:

Woo… busy week back from the holidays. You guys feeling that? It’s funny ’cause I have all these ideas about how I’m gonna run things this year and it all goes out the window as things get busier and busier. Ha! Oh well… It’s a good lesson for life. Always roll with the punches. And how nice to be so busy! There are no set hours here in the world of entertainment so busy is good. Here’s a run down of some things I did this week that might interest you guys:

1) Mastered the album version of “Keep On” and “I’d Rather Be Lonely” to put up on the website in the next month. That’ll be the first taste of the record I’ll have been able to get you! Yea! I told you I was making a record! In your face to all my nay sayers…

2) Finished final mixes of “16th Summer,” “Sunset Blvd,” “This World Will Turn Your Way” and “So Young” yesterday. A very rare case of songs exceeding my expectations! We’ll probably be putting out a couple of these songs in the next few months as well.

3) Dusting off the band and taking a good look at getting back to your cities on a regular basis in March/April. I’m jamming with a few new people along with some of the familiar faces from the past. Gonna be a nice mix for the new band. Thanks for all your artist suggestions for touring! I’ll let you know what it’s gonna end up looking like as we get closer. You guys reminded me of a lot of people I didn’t think of. Good call. My agent’s checking on who’s around of those you suggested and we’ll see what we can work out.

So! There that is. I’ll see some of you in South Bend, IN on Sat (1/16) for an hour long acoustic set. Bring requests and let’s do some hanging. I got you, 2010, and I don’t buck easily! :)


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