Tyler Hilton Blogs After Seeing Himself In ‘Charlie Bartlett’ With Pals

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Thursday (February 28). The singer/actor writes:

You know what? At the time of planning, it sounded like such a good idea to get a whole bunch of friends together to go see “Charlie Bartlett.” And also let all you guys know when and where we’d be but as soon as I started watching the movie I got so embarrassed that I dragged people to see me! I love the film and I don’t hate me in it, but it’s always a bit like hearing your voice on the answering machine when you’re watching yourself and then to know that you’ve invited loads of people to watch you too…? Ugh, I was so shy. But my friends had a good time and it was cool seeing you all who came out! Thanks for bearing with me! I did have to leave the theater to ask them to turn it up. You can’t get into a movie when you can hear each other whisper. You have to feel it! Anyway, so it’s out now for the world to see and we’re coming up on our second weekend in theaters! I’m gonna keep popping in and out of places this weekend to feel the vibe inside the theaters. It’s like going to my own live show and sitting in the back. I love feeling the crowd move with it…bad or good…just move.

What else, what else? Met Wynona Judd the other night. I think she invited me over for pie. … and that’s why I heart Nashville.

Saw the guys in American Bang at The Basement and hung with them for a bit. They’re touring sporadically so catch ’em if you can. Really cool guys. They introduced me to a Raconteur, which I loved. They’ve been recording next door to me but I haven’t had the courage to introduce myself yet. Jack White parked next to me the other day. And still, I hid. Could’ve said something like, “Hey I played Elvis in ‘Walk the Line’. Remember, you made fun of it in ‘Walk Hard’?” But no, I shame alone.

Did I tell you guys I played a show in St. Louis for a bunch of kids who book the concerts at your colleges? Yea, that’s what I did. The organization is called NACA. So if you want a Tyler show at your college go bug them about it. I met some very cool people at the conference and I swear it felt like I made 50 new friends in one day. Can’t wait to see them all again. You know you have to be a cool kid to book the music for your school. I spoke to Keaton Simons on the phone before I went ’cause he played the same event last year. I had no idea what it would be like but he said it was real cool and the people were killer. He also told me he just put up an instructional video on iTunes which is really bad ass for all of you wanting to take your guitar playing to the next level. He’s shown me a few things he does on guitar and I always walk away learning a ton when we jam.

I’m going to LA next week to play a couple tunes from the record for everyone at the label. Wish me luck! Talk to you then…


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